Wizards' Kingdom by Colin R Parsons (Wizards' Kingdom: Book 1)

The shadow of evil has spread over Wizards’ Kingdom, and at the centre of the web is the power-crazed warlock, Evilan… Can the three benevolent wizards – Zendal, Crasmont and young Mydar – pool all their sorcerers’ energy together and rescue Lord Torsk, imprisoned by Evilan in Spellock Castle? And is Torsk all that he pretends to be? Maybe Loof the Catchet can help them… or the weird Rock People of the Shallow Water… or Crockledam the troll. Certainly, Shim, Zendal’s jet-black stallion, is a tower of strength – until a vicious Cliffkreeper strikes him down! When the despondent trio are joined by the ancient Wizard King Veltzeg, a master of shapeshift, he lifts their spirits and skill levels, and a humdinger of a fight ensues at Spellock Castle – a real battle of wits, wills and wizardry. And may the best magician win!

Wizards’ Kingdom is an epic fantasy book that can be enjoyed by children aged between 7 and 14. We have five wizards - Lord Torsk, Zendal, Crasmont, Mydar and Evilan – three are good, one is evil and the other one is… well you will just have to read it to find out.

The wizard’s are described in pleasing detail, Crasmont is chubby, Mydar is the inexperienced youngster, Zendal is the wise and thoughtful leader of the quest - Evilan is... well evil of course. Lord Torsk is the most intruiging character of the five, is he the benevolent leader he appears to be? The setting of Wizards’ Kingdom itself was also described in satisfying detail, the mental images forming easily to allow for a more immersive experience.

Zendal made the first move and the others eased onto the edge and stood perfectly still. The wizards closed their eyes and concentrated their minds as one. A blue beam of light escaped from each pendant and joined into a solid bar of energy. The activity spooked some birds nesting nearby and they escaped into the skies. The powerful light source cast a wide path like a rainbow, which rested on both sides. It locked in place and each warlock stepped onto it. Still with eyes closed, the three walked the length of the power carpet until they reached the end.

From: Wizards' Kingdom: An Army Of Evil

Wizard’s Kingdom is written in the third person and the events are seen from many perspectives. The paragraphs are constructed using short and snappy sentences that create a fast pace; this style also lends itself to a great bedtime story as it allow the parent to keep the child’s attention.

Wizards’ Kingdom is a perfect introduction to the fantasy genre for eight to twelve year olds. The fast pace, twisting narrative and exciting battles will leave them thrilled and wanting more. I would recommend Wizards’ Kingdom to both children and young adults looking for an enjoyable mythical adventure.

7/10 Epic fantasy for the younger reader.

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