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Computer art and design has come thick and fast over the past eight years and it is no better illustrated than in this art book, which is full of stunning images of the best fantasy art around. Just from looking at the cover’s vibrancy and subject matter it shows what to expect inside, and with 203 pages of fantasy illustrations, every one is just as excellent as the last. The renderings can range from watercolour to painterly and realistic (as on the front cover.)

Artists using the latest in computer software have created some of the most challenging and exciting of CG art available in one volume. As many realise the label of fantasy can be varied, and numerous and readers will find artwork for computer games, book covers, concept art and portraiture. Readers can expect to encounter a whole range of images, both comical and serious, but all are exceptionally finished and the quality shows that perfectly. The primary reason for the artwork featuring in Exotique 4 is that artists who are both established and not established can showcase their work in there so that their art gets to a whole audience, as well as promotional potential to other publishing companies who might want to take them on.

For those who like seeing computer game art there is plenty to choose from such as; Final Fantasy, Disgaea, Bleach, and Naruto. Each artist has used their talent to create such lifelike pieces that stand out on every page. Daniel Wade and Paul Holland have made sure to bring readers only the best in fantasy art and their choice of illustrations are sure to captivate and inspire. Artists have been chosen from all four corners of the world with China, Indonesia, UK, US, Norway, Sweden and everything in between; each picture can represent the respective talent of the country.

For those who like RPG art there are illustrations based on characters from Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, Propaganda Games, and Blitz Games. Many will be able to marvel at the familiar characters depicted there. Exotique 4 is an amalgamation of fantasy art that also includes sci-fi as well as some of the most in depth portrait art from both not known and well known artists at the moment; Fan Yang, Mario Wibisono, Joerg Warda, and Chris Ortega are just some of the best who have spared time to give people a good idea of what is inside their professional portfolio and from what can be seen, there is no room for disappointment.

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Ballistic Publishing’s previous art book Exotique 4 had a nice mix of fantasy art, sci-fi and concept art thrown in, Exotique 5 however has all that and more as in th [...]


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