The Choir Boats by Daniel Rabuzzi

Rating 8.5/10
A very inventive and engaging book.

There are two streets in 1812 London that mark the opening passages of the Choir Boats. The first home to escaped slave Maggie who wants nothing more then her mother to be well again, the second to daydreamer Sally who wants nothing more then adventure. It doesn’t take long for Sally’s desires to become her reality after her Uncle Barnabas and his business partner Sanford receive a package containing a key, a book and a letter, three items that will effect the lives of many and give the characters their introduction to Yount.

The novel begins in a real time and place and does an amazing job portraying the setting to the reader, however, this is just a starting point as the story progresses to connect London to settings in the British Empire and then eventually to the mythical land of Yount. Each location is painted as exotic and exciting as if each were an invention of the imagination. If the settings are exciting they are nothing when compared to the host of colourful characters that are introduced. Before long the reader has many different favourites to choose from. While the names are difficult to work through at first they become easier to navigate as the novel progresses.

If there is a negative aspect to the novel it is that it does take some time to progress the story. There are several stints where the reader is just waiting for something to happen just a desperately as the characters are. While this does give the reader an appreciation of what the characters are experiencing it does make for slow reading.

Overall it is a very inventive and engaging book with a brilliant settings and memorable characters.

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