Star Wars - Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide by Daniel Wallace


Star Wars: Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide by Daniel Wallace

What readers have to imagine is that this book is a copy of the original Imperial Handbook from before the destruction of the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin. The book, at least according to now Commander Luke Skywalker, is very rare to find in such good condition. A handbook of this kind is valuable to the rebel war effort, bearing in mind the rebels would live under threat of the
Imperial army even after their win at Endor. The book comes with its own serial number, description and who filed it for further reference.

The Imperial Handbook comes in five long chapters; The Imperial Military, The Imperial Navy, The Imperial Army, the Stormtrooper Corps and the Imperial Doctrine. An introduction by Emperor Palpatine reminds readers (Imperial Commanders) what it means to be a part of the Empire. The Emperor also reminds us that under his rule there is the benefit of having one ruler, one code of law, one common tongue and one education in social progress. It is up to every man to do his
duty and obey. Readers will find that obedience features a lot in this handbook, but thanks to a handful of major rebels, this isn't just a manual, but a source of amusement as there are notes made in the margins and around the text by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Wedge Antilles and Mon Mothma. While Wedge and Mon Mothma are quite factual about their notes, most are comical and instantly remind readers of the one-liners Han, Leia and Luke made in the movies.

Inside is also a collection of tactics and philosophy about the Empire and what they expect from their commanders, classified documents, details of the rankings in the armies, the uniforms, types of spacecraft, the Navy and Army. With artwork by Chris Trevas, Chris Reiff, Joe Corroney, John van Fleet, Macie J Rebisz, Rurell Walks and Velvet Engine Studio.

Star Wars: Imperial Handbook comes as a handbook in the Imperial colours we have come to recognise as black and white (with the Imperial logo in the centre and a moveable half sleeve at the back that explains what the book is about.) As well as the information on the army and navy, there is artwork on the uniforms, crafts and people that make up the fighting force of the Empire.

This is the perfect present for fans of the original series, or those who enjoyed watching the latest movies and animated TV series on one of the most talked about science fiction franchises. Along with the information about the running of the Empire, Luke, Leia and Han have left notes that stop it from being too serious.

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