Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan (The Saga of Darren Shan: Book 1)

9/10 For boys and girls who love being terrified out of their wits.

Personally I would love to give this book a 22 out of 10 mark. It for boys and girls who love being terrified out of their wits. It has Blood, Guts, Vampires, Killer Spiders, Poison and characters with oomph... This story is about a boy called Darren. Darren loves Spiders. This is where the trouble starts. After getting a present of a spider from his parents, he accidently kills it when it ends up being sucked up the vacuum cleaner. He saw this on TV and it looked hilarious. Except that the TV spider came out alive. Darren was gutted. He now had no pet and his parents had said that he was never getting a pet ever again.

His friend in school showed him a flyer of a Circus that was coming to town in the next few days. This Circus was illegal. There were men and women with unusual and sometimes gross talents. Including something called a Snake Boy. Darren ended up sneaking out to see it, but not sure what to expect.

The Cirque du Freak was what it was called and it was really cool. It had: A Bearded Lady, and a guy playing music on his ribs for example. The most spectacular thing for Darren though was the Spider known as Madam Octa. Poisonous with razor sharp fangs and she was smart. Any sudden movements and she would kill you, her owner said... He was a Vampire. Darren is so impressed with Madame Octa that he steals her. This is when the real trouble starts. His friend ends up being bitten by the spider and the only person who has the antidote is the Vampire Mr Crepsley.

Darren badly wants to save his friend, and he has to find the Vampire. The same one he stole from. But then Mr Crepsley will know that Darren stole from him and will he give him the antidote and if he does what will he want from Darren in return?

You will just have to read the book to find out what happens...

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Darren Shan's The Saga of Darren Shan series

Cirque du Freak

The Saga of Darren Shan: Book 1

Cirque du Freak reader reviews

from England

I remember reading this with my class, there wasn't a single person who didn't fall in love with it. Literally the best book I have ever read!

from England

I've actually read all the books but I'm only in secondary school and I got so hooked on all the Darren Shan series. I LOVE IT! It's my favourite author as well!

from UK

It's an outstanding book AMAZING CAN'T GET ENOUGH

from US

This is by far the best series I've read. Does a great job keeping the reader coming back for more.

from England

It is one of my favorite books. when i started reading i was so hooked up to it i couldn't stop reading i recommend that read this book you would love it its for kids and adults boys and girls it doesn't matter who you are i just don't recommend it for people who cant stand horror.

from London

This is one of the best series I have ever read. It's so good that I couldn't put it down.

from Thailand

One of the best book series I ever read. The story line and each characters are just incredible!

from Los Angeles


from UK

this book had me gripped and it's one of the few books that I want to keep reading. An amaizing story with freaky character and vampires.

from England

Gripping story. This was what pulled me into fantasy, along with Harry Potter and 'The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness'.

Lovely book!!! Lots of violence but great.

from Sydney

It is a great book, it is one of those books that get people into reading. It was the second ever book series I read. It is one of the books that got me hooked on fantasy. It is a must read!

9.9/10 from 13 reviews

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