David Burrows

I was born at a very early age in Nairobi, Kenya. My teenage years, I spent in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire and I went to Arnold School, Blackpool. Later, I went to Liverpool University where I received a degree and PhD, both in physics, the latter in nuclear structure physics. My chat up line at discos was "I'm a nuclear physicist" which I admit went down like a lead balloon. Upon leaving Liverpool I moved to Edinburgh where I worked on airborne radar. In Edinburgh I also served in the TA as an infantry Captain in 2/52 Lowland battalion.

More recently I moved to Maidstone where I now work as a research scientist. Since moving, I have also handed over my claymore and rifle to take up the sword, shield and spear of an Anglo-Saxon re-enactor, in Regia Anglorum. Writing is my main hobby and my current project is a fantasy trilogy The Prophecy of the Kings.


My interest in fantasy started with Lord of the Rings. Motivated by the epic tale I put pen to paper, determined to create a story with bold characters and an intriguing plot. The book's initial scene was a betrayal set deep in the heart of a mountain. Encouraged by my friends I started writing The Prophecy of the Kings in the months during my wife's, Gail, pregnancy with the first of two sons, Andrew and Stuart. As with most aspiring authors, writing was part time, with the plot progressing in the evenings and holidays. At times the tale seemed to naturally take the characters into extreme peril, and for months I was left wondering as to their fate. Refusing to rewrite the tale to rescue them, I patiently waited before inspiration struck and the story continued at a fast pace to the next cliff-hanger. Suffice to say Andrew and Stuart have now grown and, as the quill dries, they are of an age to read and appreciate this work. As to the characters in the tale, they too have grown older and wiser; as to whether they survived the tale, only reading the novel will tell.

Writing is hard work and I find it difficult to create new names. Inspiration came when I decided to use the names of friends and family but as anagrams. My favourite character is a witch in book 2 called Ariome. This was an anagram of Moira, my mother in law. Sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut!

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