Drachar’s Demons by David Burrows

Many moons ago I read and reviewed the Prophecy of the Kings trilogy by David Burrows. I thought it commendable fantasy that was made up of much that I – and many other fantasy fans – like to find in a book within the genre: strong plot and storyline that stirs and involves the reader. So I was pleased to discover that this promising author had a new book out, Drachar’s Demons, and it proved to once again contain all the necessary elements vital in coming together to create an enjoyable fantasy yarn.

The titular Drachar is of the Eldric but his people have banished him from the kingdom for delving too deeply into forbidden magic and for summoning demons. Disgruntled and harbouring thoughts of revenge he forges an unholy alliance with the demons by offering them ten thousand souls. Only all out war will deliver so many souls...

The Eldric realise that, to combat the growing threat, they must learn to summon demons themselves and the race is on for war threatens; a war like no other for sorcerer will battle sorcerer and demon set against demon.

David Burrows is a self-confessed fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work and it is the great professor’s influence that shows clearest in this work. The combination of solid characterisation and the creation of a vastly different - but equally well formed – races help establish the setting and peoples with which he is ably to adeptly tell his story. In his free time the author engages in Saxon/Viking re-enactments and this knowledge and expertise really bears fruit in the battle scenes that are tightly choreographed with a great feeling of authenticity about them – it is just like reading about a battle from by-gone years (if you allow for the fantasy element of course).

I greatly enjoyed the Legacy of the Eldric, David Burrows’s first foray into the genre, and my words at the time, “this is solid fantasy; exactly what a fantasy doctor would order for those looking for an enjoyable escape from reality… fans of Tolkien, Hobb and Moorcock will love what they find here”, holds as true for his latest work as they did for his debut. Fans of high fantasy that features an eclectic array of races, strong plot and lots of well-realised battles should look no further as Drachar’s Demons will satisfy in all areas. I greatly look forward to watching this author’s catalogue grow in the future.

8/10 High fantasy fans will enjoy the strong plot and well-realised battles.

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