The Lair Of Bones by David Farland (Runelords: Book 4)

The Lair of Bones is the fourth installment in David Farland's Runelords series. Although not the last book in the series this does bring the curtain down of the tales of Gaborn and Iome.

Once again Farland writes a fast paced, almost screen-play style story that makes enjoyable reading. If you have read and enjoyed the three books prior then you will not be disappointed here but neither will your breath be taken away.

The Lair of Bones has a rushed feel to it, as if the author had something else they wanted to be getting on with. A few typos and an instance when he mixes his characters names up does nothing to dispel this notion.

This is a good book to take on a journey or read on a beach as it does not require much concentration. It seems a bit of a shame to give a slightly negative review but after reading The Sum of All Men I was really looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Sometimes series do weaken, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series being a prime example and maybe the reader becomes taken for granted.

Gaborn Val Orden descended into the Underworld. The few small signs of life right at the cave's opening soon gave way to desolation. Just inside the tunnel, the air began to turn cool, and after a quarter of a mile it had a biting chill.
The Lair of Bones: The Blind Crab

The character's are no better defined by the end of the fourth book then they were halfway through the first book and this might be the reason why the series becomes a bit of a let-down. There are authors such as Robin Hobb who define their characters beautifully as a series progresses and this is the mark that other authors are set against. Farland does not match up.

Raj Ahten saw the arrow blur towards him, and heard Gaborn's warning at the same moment. He heard, but refused to humor the little man.
He had no time to concentrate his energies, consume the arrow. Instead he reached up to catch it before it could bury itself in his eye.
He caught the shaft, and only then realized his mistake.
A force struck him, a Power irresistable.
The Lair of Bones: The Heat Of Battle

I would only recommend this book if you have read the three before and were anxious to find out what happens to the main characters.

8/10 Only worth reading if you have ready the rest of the series., Weak, possibly lazy.

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