Mixed Magics by Diana Wynne Jones (The Chrestomanci Series: Book 5)

The Stealer of Souls combines the inhabitants of Chrestomanci Castle during Charmed Life and one of the young characters from The Magicians of Caprona to great effect, creating a tale with all the usual suspects - original fantasy, spooky humour, substantial characters and a dastardly plot to ruin Chrestomanci and take over the worlds. It's vintage Dianna Wynne Jones. But there's more. Alongside the new story is another not published in the UK before, Carol Oneir's Hundreth Dream. In it, Chrestomanci is called upon to find out why a young dream-maker is unable to realise her landmark hundredth Dream film. The magician must go deep inside her mind to unravel her true intentions. Two further collected stories from other anthologies - Warlock at the Wheel and The Sage of Theare - both feature characters new and old, making Mixed Magics a tantalising glimpse of the quality of fantasy that has gone before - and hopefully what is still to come.

9/10 Original fantasy, spooky humour, substantial characters and a dastardly plot.

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