Luuna: Volume 1 by Didier Crisse and Nicolas Keramidas (Luuna #1)

Her tribe want great things from Luuna, and if she can prove to them she is adult enough to be a true part of their tribe then she must enter into her coming of age ritual and as she has succeeded in all the previous trials she is sure to bring honour to their tribe.

What she must do after the night has celebrations of her reaching her adulthood is go deep into the forest where she will meet with her Wakan Tanka in a vision quest; her totem will reveal itself to her personally. There are tales though of those both braves and squaws who have vision quested before and never came back if a god takes a liking to them. Luuna goes through the forest unaware of what lies ahead when two opposing gods begin to fight over who wants her.

Crisse's great writing skills and Keramidas's art bring this story to life as it tells of a girl’s chance at the life of an adult yet she is not sure of what lies ahead and what kind of person she truly is. For its first volume there is definitely scope for plenty more adventure and soul searching for Luuna as she enters into what it is like to be older in the world she has been living in from being a child. But how will she cope with having two totems of opposing sides, one light and one hellishly dark?

Luuna is an impressive first volume in a series that shows great promise, a great story and greater volumes to come.

9/10 An impressive first volume in a series that shows great promise.

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