The Ice Dragon by George RR Martin

I actually really like George R. R. Martin’s work, and have for a long time. I, however, have some very serious issues with anticipation and waiting, so I’ll often just ignore stuff he writes in the hope that one day I can read it all at once and enjoy it then, without the fear of being left hanging. It’s not a good excuse, but it is the truth.

However, when ‘The Ice Dragon’ rocked up on my doorstep the other week, I figured this might be an OK time to break my rule. At just under 120 pages long, this story “for readers young and old” satisfied my Martin itch (see your doctor) without leaving me wanting more.

It’s a children’s book, sort of, but not in the “sort of” way Patrick Rothfuss writes “sort of” children’s books. It’s the story of a young girl, born in Winter, who befriends an Ice Dragon.

The illustrations that accompany each page are done by Luis Royo. They’re alright, a little unnecessarily simplistic and rote, but in many instances where people aren’t depicted, they add something wonderful and magical to the story.

It’s a bittersweet story, but not unnecessarily cruel or violent. I would read this to certain children, though I would recommend any parent give it the once over themselves before turning it loose on their children – not every child is happy with dragon fighting.

The Ice Dragon is a lovely book, and would make a wonderful stocking-stuffer for any George R. R. Martin fan you might know.

Or for yourself.

8/10 A bittersweet story, but not unnecessarily cruel or violent.

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