All Star Superman: Volume 2 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

All Star Superman: Volume 2  book cover
Rating 5.0/10
Well written, have plenty of humorous content and keep the interest flowing.

Superman is one of the most famous comic book heroes of all time, Bizarro, his other arch-nemesis is part of the focus of this graphic novel.

With an introduction by Mark Ward about the finer points of Superman's history, the other novels in the series, and how he as a superhero has stood the test of time.

In 'Being Bizarro,' Perry White and his party friends are visited by a whole host of Bizarro's at Christmas, and due to the disturbance, Superman has to be called. Superman's confrontation in Bizarro world leads to a climax with the original Bizarro pondering his existence as well as the amount of faulty Bizarro clues that are all over the place with only one functioning Bizarro who might actually make a difference.

The Bizarro story is revisited again in 'Us Do Opposite,' while in 'Curse of the Replacement Superman,' Kal El encounters Bar El and Lilo, astronauts from Krypton who have spent decades in space, and they are making some awful scheme to have Superman has to take on. This one will be remembered for its humour once Superman comes back to earth as Clark Kent.

Superman turns into Hercules in 'Neverending,' as he carves his last will and testament into stone, remembering that Samson the time-dweller said he could complete twelve super challenges before his demise like the heroes of Greek myth. After already completing seven of these trials, he feels he must go that extra mile to accomplish more. He also realises his age, and how time is catching up with him, Lois too has a lot to tell him, as Mechano-Man grabs her and that gets Superman's attention, making her feel as though she has to be the damsel in distress to be able to talk to him.

Overall the stories are well written, have plenty of humorous content and keep the interest flowing. Some of the major characters are in there and definitely make a difference, Perry White and Lois Lane appear infrequently, yet provide a minor distraction for a troubled Superman.

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