Lego Ninjago #11: Comet Crisis by Greg Farshtey and Jolyon Yates

9/10 Who can resist seeing images of Zane and Kai in action poses at the start of the comic?

In Lego Ninjago #10, a factory in Ninjago Village was infiltrated by a new threat, holding the mayor and his daughter hostage. There is only one band of men who can do anything about it - the masters of Spinjitzu: Nya, Jay, Cole and Kai can drive the evil force away, but it may take more time than they intended as a new ninja has come on the scene, but whether he is good or bad remains to be seen. There is also the matter of whether he will render their mission useless before they have even started.

As with anything to do with the Lego world, anything can and usually will happen. In Lego Ninjago #11 the Masters of Spinjitzu are on a comet after travelling through space to save their world from the Nindroids. It doesn't take long before they discover they are not alone in the universe or on that comet - there is something with them that is up to no good. As the ninjas know, there are more than enough asteroids that pass through Ninjago which are harmless enough, but trust them to come across one that isn't. Stowing away on General Kryptor's starship might not be such a great idea for them when they come across what they thought was a routine, everyday comet. Our famed masters of Spinjitzu have discovered Kryptor and the Nindroids have come to steal the gold of the weapons of Spinjitzu, and as a team they must try to take them out. As a team, they failed in their mission and were left stranded but not alone. Jay is the only member of their team who can reroute their ship's systems and get them off the asteroid (which is easier said than done). As getting out of there might take some time, they decide that foraging around for food might be a better option than getting bored hanging around waiting, but as Cole points out, there aren't any asteroids that come with grocery stores, but he'll see what he can do. Being around the asteroid for so long causes them to hate the place, and even nearly turn on each other as they can't see a way to get free, at least at first.

Who can resist seeing images of Zane and Kai in action poses at the start of the comic? Or the humour we have come to know and admire (and chuckle about all the way through). Greg Farshtey is the New York Times bestselling writer of 50 novels and graphic novels and was the main creative force behind BIONICLE before he even started work on LEGO NINJAGO. Jolyon Yates is the artist who has worked on several projects and studied graphic design illustration at Cambridge and Exeter and also studied in Japan, living there for a while and even submitting articles and artwork for magazines and webcomics. Unlike the rumours that were spreading at the time of the San Diego Comic Con, we are glad to know that the Ninjago series will be continuing as planned. The story is funny, well-illustrated and as colourful as we would expect of anything to do with Lego. For those who enjoyed the Lego movies, this will be a fine and action-packed accompaniment to the series.

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