The James Bond Omnibus: Volume 1 by Ian Fleming

We normally associate comic books with Superman, Batman and the Hulk, but to see a selection of eleven of Ian Fleming's most famous novels adapted for comic strips can be something to get excited about. With an introduction by Sir Roger Moore, who is also one of the most famous actors to play the Bond role on screen Moore talks about the man behind the novels, some information about his life story, the characters and scenes that were not used in the final movies, "but turned up in later ones." He reveals quite a few secrets on the characters and movies that many may not be aware of.

Comic list:

Casino Royale
Live and Let Die
Diamonds are Forever
From Russia with Love
Dr No
From a View to a Kill
For Your Eyes Only

The comic strips in Volume 1 were originally published in the Daily Express newspaper from 1958 - 1962. They are in numerical sequence in the order of publication and are based on the novels that later inspired the movies. Bond here is portrayed as the chisel-chinned forty year old super spy who has a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. The comic style is typically 1950s and '60s using chiaroscuro to good effect, and thick line work to develop the look of the characters. This book would be the perfect addition to any serious Bond enthusiasts’ collection.

9/10 The perfect addition to any serious Bond enthusiasts´┐Ż collection.

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