Blood Heir by Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels World: Book 1)

10/10 What this book offers is a perfect blend of old and new

OK, I’ll admit it, when I heard there was going to be another Julie story, I was less than enthused. Who wants to see more of her? Where’s my new Hugh instalment, dammit?! Come on! PRIORITIES Ilona. (My priorities being the most important, obviously). I certainly didn’t think a new name and some time away was going to change my mind about Julie or impress me much... Long story short, I was wrong. The switch from Julie Lennart to Aurelia Ryder is the least of the transformations. Her years away, spent with a dearly beloved Aunt, have taught her a great deal, so much that she feels more than ready for the big leagues. Except this might be a situation too hot for her to handle. And being back in Atlanta means that she’s going to have to face some issues (and people) from her past that she thought she’d put well and truly behind her. Such delicious conflict. I blasted through the online chapters with increasing excitement and when they were pulled in preparation for the book, I counted the days till the release date. Now, if you read what was on the website, you might wonder what’s new. Well, the original chapters were sharpened rather than hugely changed, but more importantly, there are an extra 5 that bring everything to a stunning conclusion. An ending which answers some questions, but leaves you longing for more…

When it opens, it might feel a little weird. Not quite right maybe, like something is missing. That thing being Kate and all the others we have come to love. But honestly, that’s soon overcome. Because what this book offers is a perfect blend of old and new. While it does include old favourites, who make their own mark in the story, it also brings readers so much more: the joy of series youngsters all grown up. It is SO MUCH FUN. I can’t even tell you. It brought such a smile to my face. The book gives you an experience we’re all missing right now - the warm feeling of a family gathering, sharing stories, laughing at the exploits of young relatives finding their way in the world - and making a mess of it. But it’s not all fun and games, there’s heat too. The young ’uns aren’t the only ones who have... grown. Some character upgrades had the power to put my jaw on the floor. Perhaps some reading this are unaware of just who shows up full of new flavour, so I won’t say the name. But, by all the Gods, it’s a MOMENT. Which leads to some serious revelations (note that I don’t say resolutions). Of course, on top of all that, there’s the usual kick-ass action, creepily imaginative monsters, and terrible magics that IA does so well. I don’t know what else I expected really, this writing team is the best there is. Which is why this book feels like home AND like a world of new possibilities.

I read the whole thing straight through and finished with a cry of disbelief. It couldn’t be the end... But it was. And so now begins the time of waiting. There is absolutely no way that Ilona Andrews can leave us here. It would be cruel torture. Since I have absolutely no doubt any fan reading this book will feel the same, I’m somewhat reassured that our collective pleas will bring us a positive result. We got Hugh, we can get more Julie/Aurelia. Right??!! So read and enjoy, then come join me in my torment.

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Ilona Andrews's Kate Daniels World series

Blood Heir

Kate Daniels World: Book 1

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