This Perfect Day by Ira Levin

This book is a cross between A Brave New World and the Russian Dystopic Novel WE, it is an interesting book to read. I would have to say the books above are better in concept and thought although the underlying twist is infinitely enjoyable.

The book was written in the 1970’s which seems to have affected its tone. This can be seen here with everyone being made homogenised and medicated to achieve a soulless happiness, there are no real differences between men and women. Until a few characters escape the confines of this medicated world they quickly resort to male and female stereotypical roles which seem to be more common in books from the 70’s than in newer fiction.

It is a creepy novel that talks of a time before UNI (a computer that makes all the decision you as an individual or group would make) when humanity was in a bad state with constant fighting and unhappiness. With the worst things stated as natural aggression, jealously, unproductiveness and the passions and thoughts that make us human taken to extremes. Everything in this world is controlled by UNI, sexuality, whether you will have children, where you will live and what kind of work you will spend your life doing.

As this kind of Dystopic novel will always make you wonder: what is the true price of happiness and freedom and can you have one without the other? Can you have the freedom of choice knowing that you will not always be happy?

8/10 A cross between A Brave New World and the Russian Dystopic Novel WE.

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