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JR was born on the Tweed River and grew up in Murwillumbah, Northern New South Wales. She discovered the love of fictional characters at an early age and grew up believing that fairies, goblins, dwarfs and other mystical creatures were real.

As a child she crossed the boundaries of normality by inventing characters and unusual creatures to be playmates. Although her childhood was a lonely one from a friendship point of view, by projecting her imagination into the realm of everyday life she allowed her mind to invent strange and vivid creatures.

JR Mitchell married young and with the birth of her children resurfaced the characters and creatures of her childhood. Each night she told her children tales came from her own experiences as a child in her parent's front yard, with the children looking to hearing the adventure continue each night at bedtime. Unfortunately children grow up and soon the bedtime stories were forgotten.

In 1995 JR Mitchell had a phenomenal dream, one which took her back to my world of fantasy. She woke at midnight and grabbing a pen and wrote down the plot. It was not the complete outline; just a rough sketch but it included the main characters names and the worlds of The Immortals.

For several years the world that lay secreted away in a diary would receive a few more lines, taking the story a little further.

Now, in 2010, the three books that make up The Immortals have been complete and the dream is now a reality.

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June 21st 2010 interview with JR Mitchell

Interview conducted by Snjezana Bobic"If you have ever had a moment in your life where you feel driven to achieve something inspirational, than you will know how I feel about writing.”JR Mitchell, or Joanne as her friends know her, is Australia&# [...]

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JR Mitchell reviews

Pathway of the Gods by JR Mitchell

Imagine a place where women dominate, where beauty is both physical and internal and where the imagination is allowed to run wild. Where flowers transport you into another realm, a land where you lose yourself and all sense of life…

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Awakening of the Gods by JR Mitchell

As the dark forces gather, we are propelled seventeen year into the future with our two youngster, Ore’arn and Sirus who must discover what their futures hold by discovering what happened in their pasts. As their journey takes them through perils of love, life, and intrigue, their friendship will get them through many perilous situations, with the message that your past hold will always hold the key to your future endeavours.

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Gathering of the Gods by JR Mitchell

In the final installment of the Immortal Trilogy, we are taken into a world far beyond comprehension and beauty. As the quest to save the Keys continues, Ore’arn and Sirus are placed into tremendous danger, where the smallest move could have fatal consequences.

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