Awakening of the Gods by JR Mitchell (The Immortals Trilogy: Book 2)

9/10 Awakening of the Gods will leave you speechless.

“Only the truth will reveal the past and reawaken your future”

Continuing from the “ Pathway of the Gods”, “ Awakening of the Gods” will leave you speechless. As we continue on the journey with Theron, Ommran, and Azrah, we are transported into the darkness that creeps within us all.

As the dark forces gather, we are propelled seventeen year into the future with our two youngster, Ore’arn and Sirus who must discover what their futures hold by discovering what happened in their pasts. As their journey takes them through perils of love, life, and intrigue, their friendship will get them through many perilous situations, with the message that your past hold will always hold the key to your future endeavours.
The battle for the keys is beginning, the Gods awaken, and their mortals are left to fight for what they believe in the most. The “Awakening of the Gods’’ will leave you with many more questions than answers and will have you wondering what part we all play in this game we call life.

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Our interview with JR Mitchell

Interview conducted by Snjezana Bobic"If you have ever had a moment in your life where you feel driven to achieve something inspirational, than you will know how I feel about writing.”JR Mitchell, or Joanne as her [...]

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JR Mitchell's The Immortals Trilogy series

Pathway of the Gods

The Immortals Trilogy: Book 1

Awakening of the Gods

The Immortals Trilogy: Book 2

Gathering of the Gods

The Immortals Trilogy: Book 3

Awakening of the Gods reader reviews

from Sunshine Coast

Again I cound escape into my favorite place. This book was read even faster. Again the beautiful characters and new once as well. Every sentence and paragraph and chapter, beautifully composed.

from Sunshine Coast Qld

The Saga continues... Can't wait to read the 3rd book.

from Cairns

I didn't think it possible, but somehow this book was even better than the first, I was eagerly awaiting its release after finishing the first book, and I couldn't have been more pleased. This is a great series and I can hardly wait to read the next one!!

from Brisbane

The story continues and expands with great new characters and more plot twists that keep you turning the pages. Looking forward to it all coming together in the Gathering of the Gods. Well done Jo.

from Australia

I had to wait for the second book to come out and it was great to get into it again. Loved it.

from Maroochydore

It is so easy to put yourself in the situations that the characters find themselves in. The way Jo has portrayed the events and the characters is truely remarkable.

from Sunshine Coast

It was some time before I got Awakening of the Gods and I wondered would I still recognize the characters? This second of this trilogy was also so well written; all seemed to flow like a colorful tapestry, every twist and character fitting perfectly. A joy to get re-acquainted with the old and see their evolution.

from Sunshine Coast

My personal favourite of the trilogy. I felt as if I had become a part of the story due to the wonderfully conveyed emotions of the characters. This book really portrayed the drive and imagination of the writer, and cemented her place on my bookshelf.

from Maroochydore

The stakes get higher, the risk grows. As young people start to learn their destinies, new threats combine with old dangers to raise the bar. A complex tale, perfectly woven.

from Brisbane

Excellent! I loved this book and it made the short wait for it worthwhile. Exciting and original characters with a brilliant storyline.

from Australia

I didn't think that Awakening of the Gods could be better than Pathway of the Gods but the creativity and imagination from the writter drew me into a whole new world, leaving me wanting more of the fantastic tale.

9.3/10 from 12 reviews

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