The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

(9.7/10) The Hobbit is fondly remembered by all who read it, a real delight.

J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is one of the best known and best loved fantasy books. First published by George Allen & Unwin in 1937, The Hobbit has been translated into over 50 different languages and sold well over 100 million copies.

The Hobbit was written by Professor Tolkien for the reading pleasure of his own children, of whom Christopher became the editor of Tolkien's posthumous work such as The Silmarillion and The Book of Lost Tales.

This is a far more light-hearted tale than the Lord of the Rings and introduces to the world the unforgettable Bilbo, Gandalf and Gollum. The Hobbit is a book that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and authors from J.K. Rowling to David Gemmell class it as an inspiration upon their own work.

A book full of adventure, heroism, song and laughter, featuring landscapes that are quintessentially English - the Shire the Hobbits inhabit could easily be an England of yesteryear. But soon the Shire is left behind and Bilbo, our reluctant hero, encounters Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Eagles and Wizards as the party passes through Rivendell, The Misty Mountains and Mirkwood on their way to the Lonely Mountain, in order to take back treasure stolen by the great dragon Smaug.

One of the most appealing aspects of The Hobbit is that we can all find our inner-Hobbit; the part of us that wants nothing by an easy and comfortable life. But there is still something inside all of us that perks up at the thought of adventure and a journey into the unknown and I think this is why The Hobbit is such a firm favourite and fondly remembered by all who read it.

The mother of our particular hobbit - what is a hobbit? I suppose hobbits need some description nowadays, since they have become rare and shy of the Big People, as they call us. They are (or were) a little people, about half our height, and smaller than the bearded dwarves. Hobbits have no beards. There is little or no magic about them, except the ordinary everyday sort which helps them to disappear quietly and quickly when large stupid folk like you and me come blundering along, making a noise like elephants which they can hear a mile off. They are inclined to be fat in the stomach; they dress in bright colour's (chiefly green and yellow); wear no shoes, because their feet grow natural leather soles and thick brown hair like the stuff on their heads (which is curly); have long clever brown fingers, good-natured faces, and laugh deep fruity laughs (especially after dinner which they have twice a day when they can get it).

From: The Hobbit - Chapter: An Unexpected Party

I would suggest reading the illustrated version if you have the choice, the artwork by Alan Lee* is so good that it manages to improve a story that is already fabulous.

The Hobbit is quite simply a must read, a real delight.


* Alan Lee is an English artist, he has studied Celtic and Norse myths and remains fascinated by mythology. He was inspired by The Lord of the Rings and as well as providing the artwork for the Hobbit he also illustrated the centenary edition of The Lord of the Rings.

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The Hobbit reader reviews

from US

Amazing book, hands down the best one I've ever read in my 18 years of life. Excited to read the Lord of the Rings next.

from England

This book is amazing. I don’t like reading and I read every single page and every single word all the way to the end.

from England

This book is fantasticπŸ–•πŸΏπŸ–•πŸΎπŸ–•πŸ½πŸ–•πŸΌπŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•

from England

I am young and will not say my age as anyway this is gooooooooooooooood the best

from Ireland

It is a very good book. There are very good characters and it's a brilliant story. I am nine years old and I have read many books including the hobbit. It is by far one of my favourite books.

from Italy

One of the greatest books ever written.

from New Zealand

At first this book was dull and boring but it took me some time to appreciate The Hobbit. Once they reach Smaug things start to get a lot more interesting. I do not regret reading this book at all! Just try to hang in there at the first bits.

from India

Best book I have ever read !!!!!!

from Belgium

The Hobbit is a great book in the marvellous world of Tolkien's best-recieved trilogy, it tends, however, to be a slow read due to the language used. Professor Tolkien has a passion for languages, real or not, and this tends to be shown in his work. This is however a minor flaw, as well as an advantage: sometimes passages feel too stretched while others are a masterful wordplay.

from Bhutan

This book was really interesting and fascinating. I must say this is the best book that we have in our Earth or world. Thank you.

from Sapin

So good!!!

from Bobland Place of Bobness

Love it. Read it more than once.

from America

It's a GREAT book I thought it was boring at first but turns out it's awesome!!!

from America

To read this book, you'll need patience and time, and if you have patience and time, it is a waste of both not to read this book. It is worth it beyond measure.

from Nepal

The book is good and interesting to read. Though some lines are difficult to understand but it is interesting.

from France

All in all, it was a good book. I read in my literature class once and I loved it! And to all the haters who gave it one star, PUT DOWN YOU STUPID PHONES.

from Bermuda Triangle

Really good book. I recommend it to people who love the Harry Potter and Eragon books. Beautifully written with little to no confusing words. I read this book in the 7th grade like some of you.

from Poland

Simply amazing!

from UK

It is a great story - a fantastic example of great English literature, even though I was made to read this book. I don't really understand why people would dislike it - or more, hate it. Maybe it is just me. Honestly, I have to admit that at times, it may get boring, but if you have the guts to finish it, you will, without doubt, enjoy it.

from Canada

Very good. Much wow.

from USA

I loved the book but it is a little slow in some parts.

from North Carolina

I don't understand all these sad little 12 year olds, I read the book when I was ten and I loved it.

from UK

I notice there are a lot of one star reviews here from people who were made to read this at school. Personally I am a fan of The Hobbit and Tolkien, however I would never choose it as a book to study with a class. At a young age I was behind my peers when it came literacy, reading and writing as little as I could get away with. One day I picked up The Hobbit from the reading corner, the teacher quietly asked me if I was sure about my choice, as it was two bands above my recommended level (the books had a colour system to give an indication of reading difficulty) she seemed pleased enough when I said yes. The book had appealed to me for a while, I had heard a friend talk of it and had read the blurb on the back, however at that young age the size of the book and the grey sticker on its side were daunting. That night I took it home and spent what seemed like hours reading, many paragraphs I read twice trying to process the information (all those dwarfs with similar names.. which ones where related.. all those Hobbit surnames). Those early chapters were hard going and my bookmark showed I’d hardly made a dent in the story. Something happened when the company left the shire, suddenly the pace of my reading quickened, I wasn’t worrying trying to understand who was who or what was happening, I could immediately visualise the landscapes that were being described to me, was gripped by each new character that was introduced. It took me ages to finish that book and when I did I was buzzing.. then I realised I wanted more. The following autumn I picked up The Lord of The Rings, pleased to see it was even longer and even more pleased when I started reading and quickly decided that this was going to be even better than The Hobbit. This book was the first to capture me emotionally, taking me from reluctant reader to avid consumer of fiction. (However I would never choose this as a book to study with a class. It’s not going to appeal to all and forcing young readers to slug through something that for a children’s book is pretty long and slightly niche is likely to have the opposite effect to the one it had on me) I realise that this has to a certain extent been an anecdote more than a review, so.. I thought this was a brilliant book, deserving of it’s place as the godfather of modern fantasy. My advice to anyone who isn’t immediately hooked or immediately put off (particularly those who tend to enjoy fantasy and adventure) is stick with it till the journey really gets going, then make a decision.

from U.S.

"The Hobbit" was a brilliant written book with a great sense of adventure. The book made me realize that I am too a very home person (as Bilbo at first is) but, I know inside me I want a little adventure. I love the way Tolkien had made the English language. The English really made an impact on the vibe of "The Hobbit". I was given this assignment for a summer reading project but, even without the assignment I would have read the book anyway because, it was just calling my name!!!

from Pakistan

This book is so good. I love this book because it has many things in this. I love all of them except why would you think I hate this one dragon Smaug so I recommend this book to read it. Thank you.

from India

I have watched the movie and also read the book. It is a great trilogy written by J. R. R. Tolkien. It is an adventurous book, filled with stories about the dwarves, elves, orcs and the history of Middle Earth.

from India

In this book we get to know that it is only under uncomfortable situations we develop to become the best. As our protagonist, the hobbit Bilbo Baggins finds himself in an unexpected adventure, we see his growth as he makes his way out of many tough situations thrown at him with his intellect and courage, which he thought didn't have in him. The book has many great characters, especially Gandalf and Gollum and many others, a lot of funny situations and a great story, the best u can get out of this genre. So overall a great book and a must read.

from USA

This is one of my favorite books of all time. I have read it several times, and it never gets old! A classic, must-read for all ages. Even younger kids can enjoy it when it is read aloud to them! The story is captivating and set the foundation for many other amazing stories, and the character development is superior. Tolkien is one of the greatest word smiths of all time. Most of the people who gave it one star are in middle school reading it because they have to. But I am in sixth grade and can enjoy this book outside of school! I know from experience that over analyzing a book at school can kind of ruin it for you, so I would recommend reading it outside of school so you can appreciate it and read at your own pace and not have to do work on it. In short, this book is a masterpiece.

from Yeet land

Really good book, enjoyed it a lot.

from Antartica

This books explores so much of the english language and history as it incorporates Anglo-Saxon style epics with medieval ideologies all while representing middle-class English. WIth great representation of identity and love of home. <3 dadddi

from India

It is a very nice and adventurous book.

from US

It's sooooooooooooooo gooooood.

from Minnesota

In my opinion this book report is very good. The reason I say this is because It doesn’t just say a summary or just say the summary and the theme. I tells you a lot more stuff such as life lessons, Questions that we might ask, and the answers to those questions. The summary is for the whole story and has lots of imagery and details. The theme tells us specifically that we all have an “inner hobbit” which means don’t be scared of something just because you were scared last time. If you want to go on an adventure or do something that your scared of but on the inside you want to do it, Listen to your inside. The question that stuck out to me the most was “what is a hobbit”. Nobody has truly seen a “hobbit” but nowadays we refer to short or small people as hobbits. I hope you like my “Book Review Review”.

from Ireland

This is the BEST book I have EVER read it's AMAZING ❀ I love it

from York

This is a very good book, from what I’ve noticed reading the reviews most of the people that rated it low are saying that because they had to read it at school and had to do loads of tests on it now I’m just saying but maybe if these people tried to read it again then they would enjoy it more. I’m 13 and have read it 2 times and the LOTR series once.

from England

The more I read the more I love it, such a good bookπŸ‘

from Kitten Landia


from Bob land

Very interesting and easy to follow. Definitely recommend this book to all ages

from India

It is an amazing book. The language is pretty good and the storyline is amazing though it can be slow-paced at times.

from California

It's a wonderful read. The pages literally turn themselves! A must-read book.

from Somewhere

It was a very interesting book. Very slow at first but once you got into the book it was was hard to put down. It was a “Tolkien” of excellence... sorry bad pun.

from Denmark

A great introduction to the Lord of the Rings universe. It's well written and super exciting.

from United Kingdom

I love this book, it has so much excitement and imagination and it was hard to put the book down!

from Australia

Amazing book. Never forgot the storyline because I read it too much!!

from Hong Kong

This book was totally AWESOME. It’s plot is pretty nice and the story flows. How could people not like this? Bilbo Baggins was an amazing character and he ROCKS!!! A few months ago, I had a hard time finding a classical book to read, so I asked my parents and my friends what I should read. A few of them told me to read Harry Potter, but I got tired of those books. Others told me to check out the Hunger Games series, but I thought it was meaningless. The remaining few told me to take a look at Tolkien’s work, so I checked out The Hobbit. I spent 2 hours reading it and it was awesome. Best book ever.

from USA

LOVED the book. My classmates had a hard time understanding and so did I.

from Philippines

I watched the movie of this and I think the book was okay, but it was so simple and straight forwards! There were no deeper meanings and it didn't make you think, excluding the part of the riddles. But I would expect this book to have made a bunch of metaphors and stuff like in the movie. I like LOTR better than this so far. After Bilbo left Gollum, it got really really boring. (But I'm imagining the movie part while I reading the book because it's awesome while imagining it).

from England


from USA

I liked this book ok, but it was really hard to read, and almost impossible to fully understand what was going on without having to re-reading the chapter.

from Aus

I am 11yo and have already read this book 7 times. I have also read the whole of the Lord of the Rings twice and the Silmarillion once and loved them all. The Hobbit is my favorite book in the whole world.

from Australia

Great, went bit slow sometimes but when it got into the exciting books I couldn't stop reading!!

from USA

If I could rate it an eleven out of ten, I would. A beautifully written book. It makes me want to live there!

from England

I am a twelve year old reading the book for homework given to me by school. I am currentley on the fourth chapter of the book and I can't stop reading it! Each chapter is beautifully written and the storyline is amazing! This is a book that when you get to the end you will remember all the characters and the story and it will leave you wanting more! I highley recommend this book to anyone willing for an exciting adventure with some of Tolkien's best work!

from South Africa

It was an awesome book to read. I watched the movie first and I prefer the book over the movie! It's also full of adventure and one of the best books I've read.

from The Netherlands

I'm a fourteen year old learning English as a second language. I had to pick and read a book for my English class. Our teacher said that we had to pick something not too hard, like The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. As you might guess I didn't really listen to her and decided to prove her wrong with reading The Hobbit. I really enjoyed the story and the use of words didn't really bother me at all. This book totally deserves a 10 out of 10. (Sorry for bad grammar)

from America

Really inspiring book.

from UK

This book was truly amazing. The first chapter was a little hard to understand, but once I got going I was hooked. The classic writing style was kind of hard to comprehend for me at some points. But overall, great story, great characters, and great details. *Please note that I am only in the fifth grade

from Australia

It's a really good book with so much detail and mystery! We have to read it for a school assignment and all of my friends say it is dull and confusing. Personally i don't agree. Love it!

from long Island


from Australia

It is a great book.

from America

You can tell that a linguistic professor wrote it.

from Australia

I believe that this is a very well written and inspiring novel. I am in 8th grade and are reading it as the class novel. While it can be a slow read at times it is overall a brilliant read. just as a side note, I don't understand why people giving this a 1/10 are even here, like if you hate the book so much and are to dumb to even slightly understand the quite simple storyline, then why waste more time leaving a review??? just saying XD

from England

A brilliant book.

from America

I'm by no means a literary critic or an avid reader, but it is quite a good book, very mystical and exciting, though it can be boring at times, although this is the case with any book. If you're looking for a good classic then this would be a good book to pick up.

from Canada

Good book.

from UK

This book is amazing!!!!!! Love it!!!!!! :)

from Australia

Lol the only people that didn't like the book were because they were in year 7 or something. I'm still pretty young, and I'll admit the vocabulary, etc. is a bit old-fashioned and hard to understand, but otherwise 10/10. The movies are great too.

from Hong Kong

Those who rated 1 is total **** who knows nothing of literature.

from Round the roundabout

Great book and all but a little confusing at times as well.

from North America

This book is a great introduction (and standalone) for anyone interested in reading the Lord of the Rings! I've seen a lot of complaints about the book being too "complicated," but I had this book read aloud to me at 8 years of age and I understood it just fine. This book is narrated beautifully with dark and light themes of heroism and with characters that you don't easily forget. Tolkien is a magnificent writer and this is a book that you don't want to pass up.

from US

It is a good book.

from United States

A Fantastic Journey Through Middle Earth. Are you craving an extremely immersive book that you just can’t stop reading? The Hobbit is one of the few books that has ever done this to me, being the beginning of a series of books that is probably my favorite of all time. The Hobbit is a fictional fantasy book appropriate for 10+ ages. The Hobbit follows the story of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, who is on a journey to steal back the magnificent treasures of the dragon Smaug. The book managed to cover many things that I wanted to see whilst reading. I was immersed in the world, the characters, and the storyline. The plot never failed me. I always felt like I was in a productive part of the book, rather than a slow, unimaginative, and boring section. It is fun to read, and the series of books that it continues into, the Lord of the Rings, is an addition to it all, and provides nothing but more content to explore. The Hobbit has the power to draw in any reader, and keep them for the entire ride. It has an amazing story, colorful characters, and an unforgettable adventure. The only problem was that it didn’t last very long, I just couldn’t stop reading!

from United States

Loved this book! Have been a fan of Lord of the Rings and Tolkien since I was four years old. The author never lets down. It's an intriguing story as well as fun read; a great prelude to a great trilogy. If you liked this book like I did, you'll probably like the book Some Must Fall. There's a cool website at:

from United States

This is an amazing book full of adventure and even thrilling at times, I have read it multiple times and always have enjoyed it. If you like a book about adventure then i highly recommend this one.

from India

Its an amazing book. I think everyone should read it.

from Williams

One of my first books that I read (and some of you can relate yes?). The story is fairly linear, and no real character progression. Black and white stuff here. But saying that, it still has that great fantasy feel. Strongly believe its best to read this at a younger age and might seem to simple for an adult reader.

from Illinois

#greatest book ever# blessed

from The Shire

Very good. But harder to read then your average Harry Potter book.

from W.V.

I love it!!!

from India

It is the one of the best books I ever read. It is quite a simple language and is easy to read.

from Nepal

Liked it very much. Great work J R R Tolkien.

from Denmark

Bilbo Baggins became my - and I am sure many other readers - favourite fantasy character of all time. The Hobbit has everything a fantasy lover could want: hobbits, dwarves, trolls, goblins, wargs, giant eagles, wizards, shape-shifters, elves, giant-spiders and of course, a dragon. Add to this a mythology that feels authentic and a love that shines out in all the locations and characters and you have a masterpiece of children's literature, Read it to your kids. Read it your yourself.

from Canada

In class we're reading this, and nobody thought it would be good, because the majority of the class only ever read either books about romance (the girls), comics or celebrity magazines. Whenever we read short stories in English class, we would be sooo bored, but this book was actually good (well so far it's good; we haven't finished it yet). It also helped, that we didn't read it all in a couple of days, we spent time with each chapter, really taking the time to understand it, and that helped the class to fall in love with the book. I never thought I would be searching up this book and now actually writing a review for it, especially since I was one of the people who wanted to read The Hobbit the least, but here I am. I really like this book. I'm a teen in grade 9 right now, and this book really isn't bad, you just have to take time to really understand it and eventually (or hopefully) you'll start liking it too!

from Over the hill and round the bend

I read this book a few years ago and loved it. I own the Xbox game and the box set of movies. By the end of the book you really start to "feel" for all the main characters. I also love the LOTR trilogy.

from India

Hobbit!!!!! It's so great!! Even if it's a classic it's very interesting to read! And Bilbo will always remain close to my heart! Great work JRR Tolkien.!!

from Dwarf Heaven

I found it amazing. I read it while in my last year of primary school and found it amazing. It was interesting to say the least. But all in all, I loved it in every way. I can't wait until I read the Lord Of The Rings series.

from Australia

This is a brilliant book. I first read it when I was 11 and I love it. I am doing it for a project right now because of how good it is. A brilliant modern classic recommended to all.

from Here

This is a really good book, the language too is pretty good. I did this for my drama exam and there are a lot of good excerpts and there is good scope for improvement... if you can imitate Gollum's voice its even better. :)

from US


from England

I love this book immensely!!!

from New Zealand

The book is amazing! It's such an interesting read and seeing what Peter Jackson has done with the book is interesting. I would totally suggest this book to other readers if they haven't read it already.

from Murica

Well Julia you should go back to reading Twilight!

from India

A fitting prequel to Tolkien's epic!! I liked LOTR better but The Hobbit is also a wonderful book!! Bilbo is simply adorable! The only thing I did not like was the lack of females (which is why I am giving it a 9), but that does not reduce the book's charm. While LOTR is a more dark novel, The Hobbit captures every young readers' imagination. I read the book when I was thirteen, and two years later my heart still lingers in the green fields of the Shire, the dark forest of Mirkwood and the steep slopes of the lonely mountain. A definite masterpiece!

from The Shire

I love this book, it is literally my life and Frodo's in a little trilogy.

from Slovenia

The only reason that I have given it a one, is because there are no zeros or N/A options and I have not actually read the book yet. I plan to check it out of the library tomorrow, because I feel as if I owe it to a good friend of mine to read at least one of his favorite books, because he's read two of my favorites already. Truthfully, I haven't had a lot of exposure to the fantasy genre, being more of a realistic fiction person, but I suppose that there's a first time for everything:) Thanks for letting on-the-fence readers such as myself your opinions. It always helps:):):):)

from The United States

The Hobbit is one of my favorite books. It's a great story, full of adventure and laughter and sadness. My favorite part is when they go to Mirkwood. I've always been fascinated by elves, especially Legolas and was happy when I got to read about where he was from and meet his father. I absolutely adore this book and really enjoy the movies as well!

from India

I felt bad when this story ended, I was lost in story. And Bilbo, my friend, I felt like I was with him throughout the story, doing adventures... Love this book.

from India

Awesome book. Love it.

from US

This was an amzing fairytale. It left me wanting more and feeling like Fili, Kili and Throin at the battle of the five armies. Tolkien to me is an amazing author that created a fantasy land where it doesn't end with happily ever after. He shows that fantasy isn't necessarily a happy thing. He showed me this. Thank you J.R.R. Tolkien.

from India

Oh gosh!!!!!!!! Love dis book ;) Dis can't be compared to Harry Potter or Percy Jackson n stuff coz this falls in a different league..... the descriptions r so vivid I really think I am ready to meet d Hobbit n party n go for an adventure. Book is better dan d movie.

from Bangladesh

The book was just spectacular . The story was amazing, awesome, astounding, fantastic and mindblowing.

from US

The Hobbit is a children's book that fully deserves the tag classic. I have read it twice now and each time have found myself completely lost in the world that Tolkien has created. The book is definitely better than the film.

from USA

Although this book is slightly hard to read, once you get into the story it is interesting and exciting. J.R.R. Tolkien conveys a great message that there is more to a person than meets the eye. Through all of the adversity that Bilbo has to endure, he uses his wits to be the unlikely hero in every situation. Although he is not the ideal hero, Gandalf sees that Bilbo is a courageous person inside. This book is appealing to all ages and to both men and women. Just as there is more to Bilbo Baggins than meets the eye, this book is much deeper than just an adventure story.

from Everywhere

This book is the Jesus of fantasy novels!

from Philippines

BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from Not telling


from America

It's a great book that deserves more than just my mere praise. I applaud Tolkien not only for his brilliant series, but his vast imagination and contribution to the world of writing.

from Sweden

Fantastic! I have read The Hobbit several times, and it is one of my favorite books of all time.

from United States

This is the best book ever, the description was so vivid, it was like I was in the book, and the adventure thrilled me with every word.

from Australia

Awesome book, I think everyone should get it. I can't wait until the move comes out, so exited!

from India

I am surprised that The Hobbit is as low as the 18th in your list. It is an outstanding novel with few peers.

from USA

Amazing book, I love how it describes everything, it feels like I could envision being there. A must read.

from Nowhere

I love this book, it's full of adventure danger, and self conflict.

from England

I gave the hobbit a 10 because it is dynamic and so well written and so detailed that I could never possibly vote it lower then a 10, never. For those of you who have read the brilliant The Lord of the Rings would realise the structure of the book and how diffrently it is written. So to the point, The Hobbit is a classic and Tolkien is the king of all fantasy and as a 13 year old school-nerd would like to become an author so in a word I will describe The Hobbit as brilliant. Thanks for reading.

from One Piece

It was a really epic book but some of the words were kind of hard...

from UK

Great for ages 14+ if you love fantasy. Not as complicated as The Lord of the Rings, so it's a great taster for the fantasy genre and Tolkien's books meaning a younger audience will enjoy it just as much as the older audience.

from Leeds

I think the book is gripping because when I read the first page I went on and read a 100 pages in one night and then the next day I finished it!

from Syria

This is the best book I've ever read.

from Glasgow

A great read, just finished reading it for the first time and I'm sure I'll read it many more times. It chronicles the quests of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins on his journey to the Lonely Mountain and his adventures when he finally arrives. It is a deceptively large adventure in a deceptively small book.

from Arizona

I really enjoyed reading The Hobbit. I like fantasy in general, and I like seeing the backstory to Lord of the Rings, which I am currently reading. Both are good stories, but The Hobbit is faster-moving, more lighthearted, and somewhat easier to get through.

from Banbry

I love The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings is just as good. I love them both!

from Miami

The Hobbit will have any reader lying on the couch for hours not wanting it to end.

SIMPLE SPLENDID IMAGINATION AND BRILLIANT ADVENTURE Simple - splendid imagination and brilliant adventure.

from Manila

Would love to read it over and over. Tolkien could bring the stuff in children's dreams and nightmares to life.

from Canada

The Hobbit is a recital of events, expressing divinity abroad an air of nothingness, an otherwise logical mind will find it will be able to start an unquenchable, superabounding desire to know more about Tolkien and his works of secondary identity.

from Cardiff

This book is brilliant and a must read! I preferred it to the Lord of the Rings.

from Huddersfield

Thank you to my year 1 high school english teacher (sorry, I forget your name). This was the first book he assigned me to read, and I have loved it ever since. What else is there to say but perfection and when my son is old enough to appreciate it, I will read it to him too.

from USA

This book was recommended to me by my freshman English teacher in high school. It is one of my, if not my favorite book of all times. I will keep reading this book until the day I die, and I will also have it berried with me. :)

from USA

This is the best book I've ever read and I believe it is his best work, much better than LOTR.

from Finland

It was so much fun reading The Hobbit. It wasn`t better than LOTR but it`s still one of my favourite fantasy books. It was happier than LOTR and it`s more comfortable for younger readers. A very good book.

My favorite fantasy book. Tolkien is simply amazing when it comes to writing. Bilbo is such a good and solid character!

from Coolsville

I love all the Tolkien books but this one is my favourite!

from Stoke

This book is now over 70 years old and reads as well today as it did back then. The label "Timeless classic" is given to too many books but in the case of The Hobbit it is fully deserved. Bilbo Baggins is the best character ever and even without the Lord of the Rings this book would still be around today. What can I say? A timeless classic!

from England

The Hobbit is a lovely book, I must have read it at least 15 times between the ages of 12 and 30 and it gets better each time. I think you have the rating spot on with 9 out of 10.

9.7/10 from 135 reviews

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