Redheart by Jackie Gamber


From Jackie Gamber comes this new fantasy novel, the first in a planned series of Leland Dragon series. Gamber transports the reader to the lands of Leland Province where dragon and human societies have lived uneasily together for a long time. Fordon Blackclaw is the brutal and despotic Dragon Council Leader who seeks to either subdue or eradicate humans off the face of the land.

Enter young dragon Kallon Redheart. He has turned his back on both humans and his own kind. This adventure finds him meeting and befriending a young human woman, the feisty and independent Riza Diantus. She too has turned her back on the narrow confines of her village, seeking enlightenment and adventure elsewhere.

Together the two of them must face danger together and the suspicions and hatred of both humans and dragons. Kallon must also decide whether he continues to live in exile or fight for his rightful place as Dragon Council Leader. This is a story about friendship and courage between two unlikely kindred spirits.

The plot also concerns the search for the powerful Circlet of Aspira and there is a race to prevent all out war between the dragons and the humans. Other engaging characters include the wizard Orman, Jastin Armitage a dragon hunter as well as several colourful dragons!

Not only has Gamber created a vivid and exciting world she has written a novel that includes dragon politics! I loved reading about the ‘Dragon – Human Relations Pact.’ This is an original take on a familiar formula, although villages, castles, mountains and streams feature this is more than just a formulaic walk through old ideas. This is in more ways than one a new take on a popular genre.

There is plenty of soaring action, drama, humour as well as a deeper message behind the thrill-fest about tolerance, understanding and peaceful coexistence.

If you liked the BBC series ‘Merlin’ the film ‘Dragonheart’ and the book and film ‘Eragon’ then this is a must read. ‘Redheart’ will appeal to all ages and is a great read right up to its final unexpected twist ending.

Published 2011 by Seventh Star Press, ISBN: 9780983108672

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Our interview with Jackie Gamber

Jackie Gamber is an award winning author and also a member of the professional organizations Science Fiction Writers of America and Horror Writers Association. She was named honourable mention in L. Ron Hubbard's Writers [...]

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