Touch of Frost by Jocelyn Adams

6/10 One was touched by Frost, one was left cold.

I don’t like writing reviews for books I didn’t enjoy, and won’t if I’ve bought them for myself. But as I was sent this for review (and at my own request, I have to confess), here goes…

I was disappointed with this book. The blurb hooked me and I was intrigued, but I don’t think the story really lived up to my expectations. The tone came across as YA and a bit whiny, so it came as a shock to discover the female MC was really thirty-one years old. I know she was supposedly grieving for her terrible loss, but the way it was told made me want to shake her rather than sympathize. Seventy percent of the book seems to be spent on her bemoaning the tragedy that is her life, of telling herself what a terrible person she is (though I don’t think any actual evidence is given as to why she believes this of herself) and lusting after her sexy, secretive rescuer whilst suffering from hypothermia. His reactions - one minute warming her hypothermia-racked body with his own to jumping in terror at the mere sound of her voice - seemed unrealistic.

About two thirds of the way through, it finally got interesting. A mystery arises over her rescuer after he returns her to the friends she has supposedly treated so badly. Then comes a huge, stunning reveal, an exciting life or death situation… and suddenly the end. Although hints were laid through the start of the story, I think more could have been done to strengthen them and make it more intriguing. If the style and content of the final confrontation had been present throughout the book, I’d have been more positive - delighted even. I’ve seen a lot of rave reviews over this book, so perhaps it simply isn’t to my taste. As it was, Touch of Frost left me cold. 4/10.


Review by Blakely Chorpenning

My synopsis for TOUCH OF FROST by Jocelyn Adams:

Lauren McLean has never quite recovered from her grandfather’s passing. Tired of the numb world she has cocooned herself into, Lauren ventures back to her grandfather’s cabin looking for a spark of her former self, of something good and warm. Quickly, she is engulfed by a frozen lake and wakes in the arms of the man of her dreams. Or is he the man from her dreams? Their attraction is undeniable, yet Will Frost has a secret that may kill them both if they give in to their desires.. 
The downfalls:

There was not much time to acclimate myself to Lauren’s world before I was thrust into the icy water with her. While I immediately bonded with Lauren and her grief, a little more character history would have done a story good. I’m still left wondering why she was so close with her grandfather to begin with.  Just a close family? Absent parents? Only child enjoying the spoils of attention? A yearly winter treat?

And I have to say that certain exchanges between Lauren and Will Frost did not translate well. Odd word choices left moments that should have been awkwardly endearing in a girl-meets-boy kind of way, well, just awkward in a missed-the-mark kind of way. It made it hard to focus in on Will’s character. Sometimes he was a tough yet sensitive mountain man. But then, out would peak a gawky teen rather than a hot beefcake that simply lacks finesse.    
As for the plot, it is not very elaborate. Not to say that is all bad. But if you are a reader looking for action, read elsewhere. However, if you like those indulgent moments when two characters spark that flame, TOUCH OF FROST delivers.

The goodies:

Adams definitely knows how to enthrall readers. With little action to propel the storyline, TOUCH OF FROST could have easily melted away into oblivion. However, driven purely by two characters in a small cabin, their combustible lust and love prove momentous. At times I swore I could hear Lauren’s heartbeat thrumming faster every time Will glanced her way.

Though Will’s character was a tad obscure at times, the majority was loud and clear. If I ever end up in Will’s cabin, there’s no way either one of us is leaving. *wink, wink*

And, of course, the cover art is fabulous. Between that entrancing stare and a great synopsis, I was hooked, even though I rarely read a love story that doesn’t involve weapons, ballsy women, and dead (-ish) things.

Bottom line:

TOUCH OF FROST offers the intense attraction found in TWILIGHT, and a divine heartache paralleling CITY OF ANGELS. Adams’ characters resonate. There is a certain serenity achieved in this snowy, isolated world that might leave you as revived as Lauren. 
I was touched by Frost and I liked it. 8/10.

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