Shadow's Son by Jon Sprunk (Shadow series: Book 1)

When I got stuck halfway through another book that simply kept losing me in its intricacy, I jumped to ‘Shadow’s Son’ by Jon Sprunk. That may in and of itself be a very compelling review of this book. There is very little intricacy in Shadow’s Son, but it’s a hell of a damn good read.

Sometimes you need a book written by an author who hasn’t stepped into the publishing world to invite you into their very own role playing scenario that they created when they were in their mid teens and hiding out in their parent’s basement with their friends. Sometimes you just need a book that is entertaining, thrilling, and fun.

That’s what Shadow’s Son is, for good or for bad.

The story is really very fun, and I sped through the book in under eight hours (I had the time). Whenever you tell me that the main character is going to be an assassin, I’m in, no matter what. Add in magic and being hunted down by the city and you’ve pretty much delved into my brain to find the story that I want to read the most.

Sprunk manages to reveal a story that is both thrilling and entertaining. There is very little in the way of thinking material here, but a good knock your socks off story follows anyone who opens the front cover.

There are ghosts, sorcerers, assassins, priests and theocracies that are all in it to win it, or so it seems. Ambition runs high, so does the body count.

We’re given an anti-hero who has a measure of morality, though not much, and is confronted by it in a very basic manner. The heroine seems to turn from gibbering sixteen year old princess to haughty fearless princess in a matter of pages without any apparent link between the two. Characters are introduced that the main character apparently loves more than any other, though there is very little evidence of that either.

And in the end, you’re left feeling very confused as to the motivations of the characters entire plot considering how he finishes and what happens next.

That all being said I really loved this book, and not just because it rescued me from the mire of intrigue and vast sprawling vision. I would recommend this to anyone who likes David Gemmell’s work and is looking for a really fun reading experience. The flaws are not enough to detract from what is, overall, a very good story and one that I am looking forward to continuing reading.

8/10 There is very little intricacy but it's a hell of a damn good read

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It is an absolute must read! It has a gripping story line that makes you want to read more to find out what happens next. The characters are compelling with just enough depth to them. I truly enjoyed it.
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