No Hero by Jonathan Wood (Arthur Wallace #1)

8/10 If you like your Dresden, Nightside, Lovecraft then this is the book for you.

What would Kurt Russell do? With this line alone what other introduction do you need?

Well, he could write this book, but he didn’t, Jonathan Wood did, so maybe the question should be, 'What would Jonathan Wood do', which kind of answers itself.

Serial killings, a Secretive Government Agency and more horrors from beyond than you can shake a leg at, or throw a Tango and Cash quip at,  No Hero is a great addition to the urban fantasy genre. It's fun, quirky and engaging in the best tongue-in-cheek and tentacle kind of way.

Arthur Wallace, veteran cop comes face to feeler with sword-wielding-women, headless bodies, creatures of destruction and more government oversight than a public servant knows how to deal with. Accepting a promotion to the weird, wild and wonderful world of MI37, if ever there was a time for W.W.K.R.D, it's now.

Wallace, while coming across a little immature as a character, appeals to my 80's action hero core, throwing punches and one-liners with ease, as well as providing an amusing narrative to the reader.  The supporting characters, Clyde the magician, popping batteries like candy, is the nerd who can pack a serious magical punch. Gothic Tabitha, is goth and all knowing, the one-stop shop for information, keeping Arthur in-and-out of trouble. Kayla is the muscle, a super Scotswoman with a sword. She would eat Conan for breakfast, no lamentations required.

No Hero is fast paced, increasingly so ever towards its final conclusion. If you like your Dresden, Nightside, Lovecraft and 80's action hero, then this is the book for you.

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Jonathan Wood's Arthur Wallace series

No Hero

Arthur Wallace #1

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