Karen Brooks

Associate Professor Karen Brooks is Deputy Head of the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University in Lismore and has a PhD in cultural studies.

Renowned internationally for her work on popular culture, Karen is also a dynamic and award-winning teacher.

She is a columnist for The Courier Mail and an 'expert' on Channel 7's SUNRISE, THE MORNING SHOW and TODAY TONIGHT. She is also a regular on ABC's THE EINSTEIN FACTOR as part of the Brains Trust.

Author of the popular Cassandra Klein quartet and RIFTS THROUGH QUENTARIS, Karen's first non-fiction book CONSUMING INNOCENCE: POPULAR CULTURE AND OUR CHILDREN was published in 2008 to rave reviews.

In recognition of the public debates she has stimulated and her academic and creative contributions to Australian and global society, she is cited in WHO’S WHO OF AUSTRALIAN WOMEN 2007-2009.

Karen has a wonderful partner, Stephen, and two children, and shares her house with three dogs, a cat and an assortment of chickens and sheep as well as resident birdlife and possums.

She lives in a place known as the Rainbow Region which is the perfect environment for writing fantasy.

July 2nd 2010 interview with Karen Brooks

A well-established and respected journalist, author and commentator, Karen Brooks has done and seen it all in the Entertainment Industry. Yet she still finds the same thrill in reading and writing books. With a Ph.D. in English (Cultural Studies), she is the Associate Professor of Media Studies a [...]

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