Illumination by Karen Brooks

Will leave you breathless.
Illumination book cover

“When darkness threatens to consume you, do you listen to the light?”

The final instalment of The Curse of the Bond Rider’s Series, Illumination has arrived.

Darkness threatens to consume all it inhabits and those who stand in its way are torn apart and thrown back into where they began. As the series ends, Tallow must decide, once again, if she can trust herself and those around her. Emotions run high, pasts are discovered and as they unravel, the answers it gives may not always be what were expected.

As the Cardinal closes in on his obsession with finding Tallow and gaining his fortunes, he becomes blinded by darkness, becoming a slave to its call.

Tallow’s journey to discover who she is and where she comes from comes to light. As her journey continues, friends and allies rally around her; yet around every corner there is an unsuspecting alliance that forges and brings the Limen and all those who inhabit it to finally decide whose side they’re on; and if they’re in turn, brave enough to fulfil an oath they once made.

Friendships are tested and new ones are made, family lines are broken and forged, but the real battle is Tallow’s discovery of what she is really made off.

A beautiful tale of a young girl who comes into her own and faces her fears, her past and her future. Tallow will leave you breathless and leaving you questioning; when darkness pulls at your heartstrings, do you let it consume you.

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We interviewed Karen Brooks on 2010-07-02

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