Karen Miller

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After graduating with a BA Communications from the University of Sydney she headed off to England and lived there for 3 years.

When not writing she is heavily involved with the Castle Hill Players, her local community theatre group, as an actor, director, prompt, stage manager and publicity officer.

Her favourite books and films include: Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Firefly, X-Men, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, The Professionals, Forever Knight, Due South, The West Wing, The Shield, Sandbaggers, Homicide, Wiseguy, The Shield and The Closer.

She refers to herself as an only child with an overactive imagination, 3 dogs, 2 cats and not enough hours in the day.

Aurealis Awards

  • Finalist: The Innocent Mage (2005)
  • Honoured: Empress of Mijak (2007)
  • Finalist: The Riven Kingdom (2008)
  • Finalist: Witches Incorporated (2009)


James Tiptree, Jr. Award

  • Honoured: Empress of Mijak (2007)
  • Honoured: The Riven Kingdom (2007)

Karen Miller books reviewed


Kingmaker, Kingbreaker Universe

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker

  • The Innocent Mage (2005)
  • The Awakened Mage (2005)
  • The Prodigal Mage (2009)
  • The Reluctant Mage (2010)


  • Empress (2007)
    When a scrawny, unwanted child - so lowly that she does not even have a name - is sold into slavery, a chain of events is set in motion that will have a profound impact on all the civilised world.
  • The Riven Kingdom (2007)
    The King of Ethrea is dying and his only surviving heir is the Princess Rhian, but if her enemies have their way, the kingdom will not be ruled by a Queen. Ethrea, a small island of strategic importance, is known for its ability to keep the secrets of its business partners. Now civil war threatens as men of ambition eye the empty throne, and the other nations are getting nervous... and greedy. If Rhian cannot secure the crown, others will descend and conquer her lands. A toymaker and a mysterious exile from Mijak may be her only hope...
  • Hammer of God (2008)
    In Ethrea, Rhian sits upon a precarious throne. Defiant noblemen who won’t accept her rule threaten the stability of her kingdom, Zandakar, a man she thought was her friend, has been revealed as the son of a woman sworn to destroy her and her husband, King Alasdair, is increasingly unsure of her love. Rhian’s most grave problem, however, lies outside the borders of her realm. The trading nations refuse to believe Mijak is a threat and promise reprisals if she dares to protect her realm. If she cannot unite the warring factions within her land, a move again Mijak might prove the end of her reign. Which is exactly what the empress of Mijak has planned...

Rogue Agent (all written as K. E. Mills)

  • The Accidental Sorcerer (2008)
  • Witches Incorporated (2009)
  • Wizard Squared (2010)

Star Wars

The Clone Wars

  • Wild Space (2008)

Clone Wars Gambit

  • Stealth (2010)
  • Siege (2010)

Stargate SG-1

  • Alliances (2006)
  • Medical Considerations (2006)
  • Do No Harm (2008)

Critical acclaim

... on Godspeaker ...

"Miller's debut is a blockbuster story crafted with a strong sense of wonder." Nexus

"Empress is an ambitious, impressive and intriguing novel." Starburst

"Top-notch fantasy. With excellent use of language in a well-told story... a masterclass writer." SFFWorld