The Prodigal Mage by Karen Miller (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker: Book 3)

9/10 A perfect sequel to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series.

Life has been peaceful since the tragic events of The Awakened Mage. Asher of Resthaven, the Innocent Mage, has settled down and most remains of Morg’s magic have been eradicated. But the worst is yet to come...

Moods sour and tension rises as nearly ten years after the defeat of Morg, Olken all over Lur feel a huge sense of unease in the earth beneath their feet. Nobody knows what this means, and even the scant remaining members of the Circle are at a loss. Asher and his family posses a remarkable sensitivity to the well-being of Lur, because of their strange combination of magics. Sadly though, the respect for Asher’s deeds is dwindling (it has been ten years) and his warnings go unheeded, even by his own son, Rafel...

As the weather worsens and even Ashers efforts prove futile, dire measures are required and the risks taken grow increasingly bold. Until there’s only one option left, an attempt to reach ancient Dorana, home to powerful Doranen magics... and an old acquaintance...

Throughout the book the focus slowly shifts from Asher to his son, Rafel. Truly his father’s son, Rafel is stubborn, rude and has some temper-issues, so basically all we’ve come to love about Asher in the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series! Rafel has also inherited the combination of Olken and Doranen magic that distinguished his dad, but is not allowed to use it. Asher has faced fear and adversity because of his strange gift, and he refuses to let his son’s life be led by those magics. No one should be surprised that Rafel himself did not have any say in this, and their tempers clash time and again. This story is about Rafel’s rise to maturity and independence, constantly hindered by his heritage and the expectations (because) of his dad.

The constant swearing and angry out-bursts are very similar to Karen Miller’s first series, yet it doesn’t feel old. The tensions are very realistic and the outlook throughout the book is very, very grim. Perseverance and determination are once again key points in her work, and the plot-twists are well-timed and surprising. The Prodigal Mage ends with a humongous cliff-hanger, so for your own good you should buy the next installment of the series too! This was truly a perfect sequel to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series and I’m looking forward to finishing The Reluctant Mage. The bluntness of the characters and the pure emotions are just so incredibly refreshing!

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Karen Miller's Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series

The Innocent Mage

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker: Book 1

The Awakened Mage

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The Prodigal Mage

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker: Book 3

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