True Colours by Karen Traviss (Star Wars: Republic Commando: Book 3)

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As the savage Clone Wars rage unchecked, the Republic's deadliest warriors face the grim truth that the Separatists aren't their only enemy—or even their worst.

In the Grand Army's desperate fight to crush the Separatists, the secret special ops missions of its elite clone warriors have never been more critical…or more dangerous. A growing menace threatens Republic victory, and the members of Omega Squad make a shocking discovery that shakes their loyalty.

As the lines continue to blur between friend and enemy, citizens—from civilians and sergeants to Jedi and generals—find themselves up against a new foe: the doubt in their own hearts and minds. The truth is a fragile, shifting illusion—and only the approaching inferno will reveal both sides in their true colors.

Karen Traviss continues her Republic Commando series by bringing us deeper and deeper into Kal Skirata’s – the clones mentor – plans to help the clones have a normal lifespan. In other words, True Colours tells the story of the clones and their mentors running their own ops under the guise of running ops for the Republic, fooling Jedi’s and Palpatine and anyone who might come close to discovering their true intent.

True Colours expands the role that Delta Squad and Sergeant Walon Vau play in the series, which was really fun for me. I loved watching the differences between Delta and Omega squad, and even more the differences between Vau and Skirata. The ways in which they go about doing things, the decisions they make and the lives they have led make for fascinating reading, and Traviss really has built characters who are fully and totally real.

One of the more contrived aspects of this particular story was the continuing deception pulled by Etain and Skirata, which seemed to have very little basis in necessitate and had more to do with what Traviss wanted the book to do. The rest of the book is well written and cleverly conceived that I’m mostly willing to let it pass, but it still irks and pulls the reader out of the story every now and again.

The operation that Omega squad is involved in makes for really exciting reading, and once again takes us deep into the reality and intrigue of the war that we only see glimpses of in the Star Wars movies (though, the new Clone Wars TV series is shedding more light on this area as well). True Colours takes us deeper inside the relationships that everyone has with each other, the loyalties and the unexpected strengths. It is really quite fun watching Besany go all out guns blazing and the clones in action and Skirata and Wau pull off some serious impressive heists and tricks.

Given the opportunity to read a series of books, the Republic Commando books should definitely be high on your list. Traviss tells wonderful stories with emotion, realism and strength that is so often lacking in storytelling.

8/10 Traviss tells wonderful stories with emotion, realism and strength.

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