Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn (Rome Trilogy #1)

9/10 For historical lovers, this novel is necessary read as Kate Quinn is a wonderful writer.

When your life can be bought or sold at the whim of your domina, it is hard to find a place or a person to trust. Thea, sold into slavery as a child bares the scars of her past and of her people. Sold to the pretentious and narcissistic Lepdia, Thea must find the courage to survive the political games of that, which are Rome and its master.

The Coliseum holds many secrets, but none greater than a Barbarian, named Arius.

As the tale unravels of their pasts and their futures, Mistress of Rome will leave you puzzled and sitting on the edge of your seat. For historical lovers, this novel is necessary read as Kate Quinn is a wonderful writer who concentrates on the history of a tale, but also the inner workings of an Empire and its greatest fear, its Emperor.

A tale of a young woman’s journey, during a time of uncertainty, is what Mistress of Rome delivers brilliantly. The empire needs stability, but its emperor needs fear, from all his subjects.

Mistress of Rome is the fist novel by Kate Quinn, which has since been followed by Daughters of Rome and Empress of the Seven Hills.

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Our interview with Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn, a native southern Californian is a lifelong history buff who first became hooked on ancient Rome while watching I, Claudius at the age of seven. Still in elementary school when she saw the movie Spartacus, she res [...]

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Kate Quinn's Rome Trilogy #1 series

Mistress of Rome

Rome Trilogy #1

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