StarCraft: Ghost Academy by Keith RA Decandido Fernando Heinz Furukawa

8/10 Combat, intrigue and thrills that's sure to win more and more fans

Children are being taken from their parents and brought into an organization called the Ghost Academy. They are being tested for their latent abilities and many are willing to risk all they have in order to destroy the organization, bringing it to its knees. These children are the weapons they need as they are intent on progressing with their latent powers so they can go work for the Dominion, and the Academy as a means to a very dark end. After they have been tested thoroughly only the best pupils who have scored high in the tests are taken on to become professionals in their own field.

Based on the StarCraft franchise, Ghost Academy continues the story for the renowned video game from Blizzard Entertainment, twinned with Tokyopop it gives it the perfect manga twist and creates the first in a series of manga novels. There seems to be a resurgence in manga series that are based on successful video games. StarCraft and World of Warcraft are just some of many Tokyopop have decided to include.

The story focuses on the secret organization and how they get young hopefuls into it. From the offset, it looks as though they are a manipulative bunch of bad guys yet there is more to learn if it's read through. As an introduction to the series, many have grown to love over the course of several years. It's the characters that make the series and the way they are drawn - plus the cover art that is drawn so it sticks in the reader's mind.

Bonus material for this manga includes bios of writer Keith R. A. Decandido and artist Fernando Heinz Furukawa on what made them take this project on, the contributors to the team working on it and a special bonus preview of World of Warcraft - Death Knight to look forward to.

This is bound to be successful sci-fi series that has enough combat, intrigue and thrills that's sure to win more and more fans.

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