Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (A Women of the Otherworld novel)

9/10 Overall this was a brilliantly plotted, suspenseful, romantic tale.

Elena Michaels is a model woman for the 21st century: self-assured, keenly intelligent, fighting fit. And like every modern woman, she has her secrets. Nothing extraordinary about that. Except that Elena really is extraordinary. In fact, she may well be the most extraordinary woman alive. She is, after all, the only female werewolf in the world... Ten years ago, against her will, Elena's lover turned her into a werewolf. Some days it feels like a gift. Most days it feels like a curse. A year ago, she decided to live as a human. Now she has to go back to New York State, her old home. Her pack is under seige by a new group of violent, psychotic werewolves that shows no respect for the old ways, and no respect for territory. Forced into helping her old friends, Elena soon slips back into the reassuring camaradarie of the pack, though she struggles against her dangerous, unpredictable desires. Hunting down her enemies, Elena prowls through territories usually barred to women. From dangerous back alleys to the dark, luscious forests of New York State, she must hunt and destroy the renegade pack before they destroy her."Filled with romance and supernatural intrigue, this book will remind readers of Anne Rice's sophisticated refurbishings of the vampire story' Publishers Weekly 'After the first nibble it's hard to stop ... Gory, sexy fun" SFX"My love affair with urban fantasy started a long time ago, when I was an early teenager. I thought to myself that my literary sense had to grow up a bit and start reading things that didn’t have Harry Potter or the world of Narnia inside them. We all grow through this phase I guess, and we all eventually find those special first books that propel us from ‘young adult’ to just ‘adult’ novels that thrill, excite and satisfy us when we read them." Fantasy Book Review

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Kelley Armstrong's A Women of the Otherworld novel series


A Women of the Otherworld novel


A Women of the Otherworld novel

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Bitten is a story about a female character trying to forget her past. Which cannot be nipped in the bud as the bud as already been nipped. Literally, by a werewolf. What makes this book interesting is that Elena is the only surviving female werewolf. To date, no female has ever been born a werewolf and no female has ever survived the change. Which makes her a commodity. Awkward for a women who is just trying to pretend that she is a normal human. Once the story rolls on, we find that Elena was betrayed and the hiding makes sense. Unfortunately, this is where the book starts to get predicable. It also fits oddly with the introduction of the character, as Elena just drifts back into her old life that she was trying to escape. I did like the writing of this book, but the inconsistency of the main character struck me as strange. This did not stop me from reading all the Women of the Other World series. As the series develops, Elena move on to be a more independent character. Overall, this book is an 8 as a paranormal romance with a werewolf thriller backstory.

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