Kevin J Anderson

Kevin J Anderson was born on March 27, 1962. and is an American science fiction author with many bestsellers to his name. He has written novels for series ranging from Star Wars and StarCraft to Titan A.E and The X-Files. And with Brian Herbert is the co-author of the Dune prequels. His original works include the Saga of Seven Suns series and the Nebula Award-nominated Assemblers of Infinity.

October 25th 2011 interview with Kevin J Anderson

The name Kevin J Anderson means a lot to many readers. He has more than 20 million books in print worldwide, most of which belong to some of the biggest and most beloved series the world has ever know: Star Wars, StarCraft, Titan A.E., The X-Files and the Dune prequels (with Brian Herbert). [...]

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Kevin J Anderson reviews

Captain Nemo: The Fantastic Adventures of a Dark Genius

NA written by Kevin J Anderson

The young Verne and his best friend Andre Nemo stow away on a ship bound for the high seas, but Jules' father catches Jules and forces him to come home in total disgrac [...]

Published: 2011

Our rating: 9.2 | 0 positive reader reviews


The Martian War

NA written by Kevin J Anderson

What if the Martian invasion was not entirely the product of H. G. Wells's vivid imagination? What if Wells witnessed something that spurred him to write The War of the [...]

Published: 2005

Our rating: 9.0 | 0 positive reader reviews


The Key to Creation

Terra Incognita: Book 3 written by Kevin J Anderson

After long voyages encountering hurricanes and sea monsters, Criston Vora from Tierra and Saan of Uraba race to the legendary promised land of Terravitae. Saan's quest [...]

Published: 0000

Our rating: 7.5 | 0 positive reader reviews