The Martian War by Kevin J Anderson

9/10 This novel was brilliant, imaginative, thrilling, horrific and inventive.

What if the Martian invasion was not entirely the product of H. G. Wells's vivid imagination? What if Wells witnessed something that spurred him to write The War of the Worlds as a warning? From drafty London flats to the steamy Sahara, to the surface of the moon and beyond, The Martian War takes the reader on an exhilarating journey with Wells and his companions.

This novel was brilliant, imaginative, thrilling, horrific and inventive. The Martians of course are the star attraction: they are truly repellent and terrifying. The threat level posed to earth is excellently conveyed, the suspense is cranked right up as the drama unfolds.

I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of the seminal author HG Wells thrust into such a dangerous and fantastical sci-fi adventure. He is joined by his mentor, TH Huxley, and his sweetheart, Jane.

With a cast that includes doctors, astronomers and scientists, as well as the alien beings they encounter, there is never a dull moment. I particularly enjoyed learning about the alien culture and history. The Martians have exhausted their planet's valuable resources, and are now searching for a new world to inhabit and exploit: Earth. There are warnings and parallels with our own history and way of life, yet the novel avoids being preachy.

Anderson is both reverent to his source material, but also demonstrates that he is as equally creative and inventive as Wells was himself. This is an exceptional Victorian sci-fi romp and I highly recommend it.


Published 2012 by Titan Books
ISBN: 97801781161722

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