Crazy Creepy Crawlies by Kevin Price

Crazy Creepy Crawlies book cover
Rating 8.8/10
Another brilliant collection of humorous poems by the talented Kevin Price.

This book contains... Some insects that sting and some others that bite; A spider, who gives flies a terrible fright; Some creatures with wings, that like flying around and others that scurry about on the ground; A beetle who loves eating elephant poo!

Crazy Creepy Crawlies is another brilliant collection of humorous poems by the talented Kevin Price, with illustrations supplied by Robin Carte. My kids love it and it has been a popular reading choice for the many months it has now been resident in our house.

All children's books are colourful but Crazy Creepy Crawlies gets my vote for the most vibrant I have ever seen, and this is what I think draws Edie (5) and Elliot (3) to it so often. Unsurprisingly the favourite creepy crawlie of my son is the dung beetle, who finds their behaviour, and exactly what they are doing both fascinating and hilarious. My daughter on the other hand is not as fascinated in everything poo-related and opts for the wasp as her favourite.

Here is an example of the delightful imagery and verse:

Lottie the Ladybird's feeling unwell;
"I can't go to school Mum, I don't feel so swell.
First I get chilly and then I get hot;
And look Mum, just look - I've come out in spots!"

Lazy Ladybird illustration and verse from within Crazy Creepy Crawlies.

I am a big fan of Kevin Price's work and never hesitate to recommend it. So, if you are a parent looking to teach your kids to read and learn about the natural world around them you must get hold of some Kevin Price books. As well as Crazy Creepy Crawlies there is also the beautiful Beauty Contest at the Zoo and the informative and fun Silly Solar System.

And better still, proceeds from the sales of Kevin's book are donated to charity, with the World Land Trust, which helps to protect wildlife habitats around the world, benefitting when a copy of Crazy Creepy Crawlies is sold.

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