Soul Song by LA Weatherly

Rating 8.5/10
Gripping finale that keeps the reader on the very edge of their seat.

In Soul Mates Iris met Nate in her dreams and thought she would never know him in real life. One day she comes by an old house and sees Nate in there, knowing he his is real after all.

In Soul Desire they are together and try to live their own life, but in Nate's time line they have a problem spirit to deal with who could split them up.

In Soul Song, Nate and Iris thought they had destroyed the evil spirit, Sybil, but now they have a greater cause for concern... Iris has been admitted to a mental hospital after telling a police officer all about what had happened to her and Nate. How could she have expected them to believe the stories that Nate was from another time? Who had come to her timeline so they would live a decent life? Now that Dr Price has her in his grasp, she knows she has to keep their secret hidden, and make out that what she told the officer was a lie. If they even find out she is a runaway from Texas her worst nightmare, Gary, from the Group house will find out too.

Iris had got used to what life was like in the Twenties, how if someone loved another they would wait until they were married to make love. Nate takes this with him through to the 21st Century and Iris accepts that he loves her enough to want to wait.

Nate too has noticed what it is like to live in another time, the sight of the graffiti strewn walls and places too expensive for them to be able to live in annoy him as he wants to make her happy. There is an explanation about what Sybil had tried to do in the second book but with the stone, she can keep the two of them together, though there is a problem with that theory later.

At the mental hospital Iris only has one friend, Mel who hears "voices" in her head. She might seem as insane as the other inmates, but her condition could be seen as her having psychic premonitions where she has flashes of incidents about Iris and her lover, Nate. What is really harrowing is that Mel tells her that she will die if she doesn't go back to Nate's timeline of 1922, and she has no idea why.

As she tries to keep her ordeal a closely guarded secret, Iris has to endure endless group therapy sessions where she has to lie about herself to the doctor and her inmates. She is forced to take drugs that will allegedly “calm her down,” and even have her stone taken away from her as they believe it is causing her to behave in a bad way. While everyone else thinks she is crazy, only Mel thinks she is sane in a small world of craziness. As it is believed Sybil is dead and not about to return from the dead to fight back, Mel tells her that someone evil is coming for her. It sounds suspiciously like it could be her, but is actually someone from her past. If Iris doesn’t escape from the mental hospital, she could die there with the knowledge that Nate is mad at her over her looking through his family’s records on the internet. This is her moment of greatest despair. For a very good reason, though he will be glad she did as she finds a very large clue to her family she has to sort out.

Soul Song is the gripping finale to the three part novel series by L.A. Weatherly and keeps the reader on the very edge of their seat.

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