The Struggle by LJ Smith (The Vampire Diaries: Book 2)

8/10 A better than average teenage vampire tale.

This is the 2nd in the 'Vampire Diaries' series, and starts immediately where 'The Awakening' left off. It is essential to have read that book to enjoy 'The Struggle'. Do not read this thinking that being familiar with the television series will be enough information. Many of the character are different, and some don't even exist in the show.

Stefan is still being blamed for animal attack, and Elena's diary has been stolen by Caroline. On top of that, Damon has become obsessed with Elena and wants to turn her into a vampire. The stakes are definitely higher in this volume (no pun intended), all the characters are in more danger, and there is a feeling of tension throughout the novel.

The plot device of Elena's diary getting stolen means that the storytelling becomes more traditional. This works better for the action sequences and those parts of the story not about Elena. Disappointingly, there are not many historical flashbacks in this novel, and there are no big revelations about the vampires' characters.

There are a few disturbing and scary scenes were a vampire threatens to eat a baby, but apart from that there is nothing objectionable in 'The Struggle'.

'The Struggle' is a better than average teenage vampire tale, the story moves along and does not dwell on character's angst. It is not as good as 'The Awakening' but it does end on an intriguing cliff hanger that could spin the series in a new direction.

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LJ Smith's The Vampire Diaries series

The Struggle

The Vampire Diaries: Book 2

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The Struggle reader reviews

from Scotland

Wow wow wow wow!!! Nothing like the show but still amazing I really reccomend this book to unreal lovers, such a fantastic read.

9.1/10 from 2 reviews

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