Lucinda Hare

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Lucinda Hare was born in Edinburgh in 1958 and spent her childhood in rural East Lothian, where she spent much of her time roaming the beaches and woods. It was there that her lifelong passions for animals, history, reading and drawing began. She spent years daydreaming about the Roman legions, medieval knights and the American west and rather than write about the dreams and stories in her head, she drew them purely from her imagination.

When she was eleven she was introduced to The Lord of the Rings which combined her own passions for history, legend and fantasy. Still her favourite book, she was thrilled with Peter Jackson’s recent Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. After reading history at university she went on to pursue a busy and diverse career in many different companies and organisations, ranging from the Argus Newspaper Group in Cape Town, to the Scottish Post Office.

The characters at the heart of The Dragon Whisperer are dragons with their own language and character who owe the inspiration for their names to Native American culture.

Lucinda has found a great publisher in Random House Children’s Books whose editors have curbed her wayward imagination and ensured she sticks to one story at a time.

Lucinda Hare books reviewed


The Dragonsdome Chronicles

  • The Dragon Whisperer (2009)
    Quenelda has always had a magical bond with dragons, and her greatest wish is to fly one and fight alongside her father in the war against the hobgoblins. Root, on the other hand, wishes only to avoid the fearsome creatures, so the role of Quenelda's esquire is the last thing he needs. But an unexpected friendship is forged, and when Dragons Dome is besieged by a deadly plot, this unlikely duo must find a way to defeat the dark forces.
  • Flight to Dragon Isle (2010)
    A brutal war against the united hobgoblin tribes rages, and Quenelda longs to accompany her hero Dragon Lord father into battle. But when the elite Stealth Dragon Services is ambushed and defeated - due to the dark treachery of the Grand Master - and her father is presumed dead, the Seven Sea Kingdoms are thrown into turmoil. Evil plots swirl - with even Quenelda's own beloved dragon in mortal danger - but Quenelda finds a magical, secret solace at the heart of the fabled fortress Dragon Isle. Can she use her new powers to set the tide of victory turning against the hobgoblins?
  • Dragon Lords Rising (2012)
    A wave of panic washed over Quenelda as they failed to spy the mainland before darkness fell; freezing her to the marrow more than any sea wave could do. What had she been thinking of, hauling her friends and Storm out over the freezing ocean? What made her think that she could do the impossible? Find her father when the SDS had failed to… because of a dragon’s dream?