Flight to Dragon Isle by Lucinda Hare

(9.0/10) Like a dragon, Lucinda Hare's second novel has some fire in its belly.

Like a dragon, Lucinda Hare’s second novel has some fire in its belly. In Flight to Dragon Isle, the heat has been turned up: more action, more adventure.

If you’ve read the first book, The Dragon Whisperer, then the return of Quenelda and Root will be like revisiting old friends (if you haven’t read it, then go and read it...now!) You might think nothing’s changed. Quenelda is still the headstrong girl we met in book one and Root is still the nervous gnome, but this pair are slowly finding their feet. Root is growing in confidence (but still manages the odd mishap, which makes him as funny as ever) and Quenelda, the girl who can talk to dragons, is slowly realising that she has more power and magic within her, than anyone ever imagined.

As in the first book, Hare continues to spread magic over her words. In the Seven Sea Kingdoms, not even something as normal as the date and time are well...normal. Wouldn’t it be great if we could meet our friends at ‘the hour of the irritated bumblebee’ instead of three o’clock? Wouldn’t it be great if this year was ‘the year of the Sabre-Toothed Doormouse’ instead of 2011?

Above all, this second book packs a punch. An almighty war breaks out with the hobgoblins, and Quenelda’s world is thrown into turmoil. As the reader, you’re either rooting for something to go right, or hoping something doesn’t go wrong. Hare takes you on a journey and you really don’t know how things are going to turn out. This is a darker tale, filled with dark magic; that Hare describes vividly, so certain moments play out like a film in your head.

What about the dragons? There’s Frosts, Magmas, Vampires... (yes, Vampire dragons) along with the wonderfully named ‘I’ve Already Eaten’ and Quenelda’s own dragon, ‘Two Gulps and You’re Gone’.

By the time you’ve finished this book, you’ll wish dragons were on sale at the local pet shop.

An image of Root and I've Already Eaten from Lucinda Hare's Flight to Dragon Isle.

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Our interview with Lucinda Hare

Lucinda Hare was born in Edinburgh and spent her childhood in rural East Lothian, where she spent much of her time roaming the beaches and woods. When she was eleven she was introduced to The Lord of the Rings, which combined [...]

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Flight to Dragon Isle reader reviews

from Oxfordshire

As I am a little older then the age that it is aimed at, I was not surprised that I would enjoy this book. I have loved it from cover to cover. I thought it was very gripping and I can't wait till the 3rd book comes out next year. If you are not reading this book you really should. I am almost 16 and just love it to pieces. I think it will be a real hit for young people, and should be made into a film.

9/10 from 2 reviews

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