Valkyrie’s Song by MD Lachlan (Wolfsangel #4)

An immortal wolf and an immortal woman are on the run, fighting for their lives. They carry a magic within them, runes which flare with power when brought together. But others hold runes of their own, and the runes desire to be united. And when they are, Ragnarok will come.

I was eager to read my first M.D. Lachlan novel as he has had praise from fellow authors Joe Abercrombie, Adam Roberts, Mike Carey and Chris Wooding. He has also been favourably compared to Joe Abercrombie and George R.R. Martin. So this book had a lot to live up to Valkyrie's Song shows off Lachlan's exceptional imagination and creativity. He writes with an immediacy and firm understanding of his subject matter. His characters are strongly formed and fleshed out, these are people that have been shaped by experience and turmoil.

Lachlan has vividly recreated Norman England, this is a gritty world, a conquered, battle-scarred land, which is infused with magic and mysticism. The characters are interesting and their trials and tribulations entertained me, particularly when humans can take different form and are driven sometimes by other forces!

This did meander a little at times, and no, it's not perfection (but then what is) but it is an ambitious, original tale, told from multiple perspectives. I must confess to have never read anything like this before. I am sure fans of Lachlan will be delighted with this latest entry in the WOLFSANGEL series and newcomers will be impressed with his assured and distinctive storytelling.

8/10 An ambitious, original tale, told from multiple perspectives.

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