Galaxy Trotters by Marie C Lukic

Galaxy Trotters is a humorous science fiction fantasy quest about two inquisitive children who adventure in a space craft to a number of bedazzling planets. They learn about space travel, greening planets, deception and betrayal.

When I asked to review Galaxy Trotters I had a good feeling that it was going to be a funny book and an enjoyable read. And now, after reading it, I can safely say that my assumption was correct - Galaxy Trotters is a great children’s book.

It was the book's synopsis that really fired up my imagination, and I am sure it will have the same effect on any child who reads it. Space travel, flying piglets, adventure. What more could you ask for?

Marie Lukic sets most of the events that occur in Galaxy Trotters in space, where Nikki and Peter travel to different planets in order to find Romeo, the missing pigmate of Sowelu. The inhabitants of these planets are all different and have their own funny characteristics (for example, they meet the inhabitants of Occupedia, the Occupedians, who have several interesting high–tech gadgets). I found that Lukic's descriptions really allowed my imagination to go wild and the environments and events she creates throughout the story are both vivid and lively.

Marie Lukic uses terms in her book that make the aspects of space travel a lot of fun to read about. She uses the term Superquicktime instead of warpspeed and turns around words or shuffles them to encourage the reader to find out the original word (for example, tegar = great and much more, it almost make you really say tegar instead of great!). Also, the name for the leader of the Astro-Piglet Guild, The Grand Ham will greatly amuse the young reader.

Galaxy Trotters is a highly enjoyable book, both for children and adults and Lukic has written a funny story with just the tight amount of jokes and interesting places to keep younger readers entertained throughout.

8/10 Galaxy Trotters is a great book.

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