Pixie: Volume 1 by Mariolle and Aurore

Confined within his palace, prince Ael has a secret longing to go outside the stifling walls of his home to see what it's like in the real world out there, but as one who would be ruler of the land someday he believes he might not be allowed to walk away so easily as even being a ruler has little scope for freedom.

Bored with his life inside the palace, being tutored in Geo-Marketing and other uninteresting subjects, but most of all he hates being told that he shouldn't mix with the common folk of their land of Daimoon. Being as young as he is, he needs thrills and adventure in his life and with the monster festival due to take place soon he feels he might miss it if he listens to the old man.

Though he doesn't know it yet prince Ael's prayers have been answered as one night a thief calls and takes the prince away in a sack with the belief he holds untold riches. She expects him to complain he has been kidnapped but instead sees that she has freed him from the bonds the palace had on him without him being seen as a bad boy for leaving on his own.

Pixie is a beautiful vision of an enchanted fantasy land rich in detail and alive with colour. Mariolle and Aurore are a startlingly brilliant combination of Writer and Artist. In this volume is an added extra - there is an eight panel preview of  the next volume of Pixie to whet the readers' appetite for more adventures. Pixie hooks the reader from the first page, the characters are bold, real and the art exceptional - I dare anyone to try and put this down!

9/10 A beautiful vision of an enchanted fantasy land.

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