Justice League of America: Team History by Mark Bagley

9/10 The story is gripping, the panels are brightly coloured with more superheroes than you can count.

Charged with protecting the worlds' people, the Justice League of America are legends themselves, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman have become the best super-heroes in the business. Though these aren't the heroes we have come to know, there is a new Batman, another young man who is Superman, and Wonder Woman's sister-in-arms are a new breed of justice along with Green Lantern, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Starfire and Cangorilla.

Many of the JLA don't feel like they should be there as they have been through hell since Prometheus came onto the scene and turned their lives upside down. There seems to be a lot of resentment felt by some of the members about other super heroes who didn't come to their aid, even Superman, one of the most powerful ones around. Prometheus is the one who has hurt most of the new super heroes; Mari's leg got broken in four places, Kimiyo's got a broken arm and Plastic Man's powers aren't working right.

Kimiyo believes that the JLA has a future but only if they examine the past, and defeat Prometheus, who seems to want to cause mayhem with them. Somehow Prometheus finds and downloads the memories of some of the JLA members' (Paco Ramone and Hank Heywood are a couple of them) and he brings them back to life to torment the other members. After all the new JLA have gone through hell they feel they can't continue being superheroes, especially Donna, Diana's sister-in-arms. She has to realise the fight for justice is never over. There will be more battle along the way. They have to realise their goals and face all their fears together, and with flashbacks to their pasts they come up with a reason why they feel less than superheroes in the future and try to right it. Unless they can do this, their enemies will do a good job of getting in their way.

Overall the story is gripping, the panels are brightly coloured with more superheroes than you can count. To show that a certain character is talking, their image is shown, for example Batman and in the narrative box there is the text and his bat logo on the left. Robinson, Bagley and Hunter make an excellent team bringing readers their best art and writers DC has seen in a while.

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