What Happens in Vegas, Dies in Vegas by Mark Everett Stone (Files of the BSI: Book 2)

8/10 From the beginning you're cheering him on, and at the end you're still left wanting more

This is book two from the Files of the BSI and if you’re not sure you have heard of BSI (Bureau of Supernatural Investigations), it’s probably a good idea to read Things to do in Denver when you’re Un-Dead first as this is a direct sequel following the events of the first book.

We are back with Kal and his new team after he has faked his death so he can go monster hunting without the Bureau’s interference. The new team consists of Canton and Ghost who were in the last book and we get to know both of these characters as well as two new team members who are retired members of the Bureau, Mouth and Winch, who Mark Everett Stone manages to give distinct personalities.

We are quickly thrown into their quest to find a magical item that is powerful enough to fuel the magical Tesla coil that Kal’s parents have made to help him in his hunt for the monster that killed his sister all those years ago. Whilst on this mission, Kal and Mouth are thrown back into the past, sent back to World War II, as Goebbels has managed to create a time portal between a Nazi camp and modern-day Las Vegas, and is doing his best to make sure that the Nazi's win the war by gaining modern warfare technology.

Deciding to make the best of their time in the past, Kal and Mouth meet that generation’s Bureau agents from the British team and teach them some new ideas. We are introduced to Richard Fleming a suave British Field Agent and Jeanie, a British Magician who seems to be much stronger than she lets on.

Jeanie seems to be someone who may be in the series a lot in the future, but I have one bad thing to say about the character, and that is I haven’t read this bad a stereotype of an English accent in a long time. Richard isn’t written so badly, but that’s because we are used to hearing upper class English accents being written in this way, but Jeanie, in practically every line, seems to say either Luv or Guv, which isn’t too bad when you are first introduced to her and she is meant to sound friendly, but it continues all the way through. As someone who is English, and a Londoner, I feel this is overdoing it a bit.

Otherwise I cannot wait to find out more about her back story, as well as where this series is going to go from here. By the end of the book we find out where Kal’s rage comes from, which makes it more interesting as Kal seems more dominated by it than previously, and of course he keeps going from battle to battle just trying to get to the end to justify everything he is doing there. From the beginning you’re cheering him on, and at the end you’re still left wanting more.

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