Mortals & Deities by Maxwell Alexander Drake (Genesis of Oblivion: Book 2)

9/10 Mysterious, atmospheric and foreboding.

The second book in the Genesis of Oblivion Saga picks off where we last found the two brothers Alant and Arderi Cor and the kith (lion man) Klain. The two brothers must come to terms with their new found powers and abilities, particularly Alant who has gained perhaps too much power for one person to have.

Arderi is schooled by his mentor Larith Rine of the mysterious Tat’Sujen Order. Klain who enjoys a charming relationship with the young boy Charver Vimith is soon set on a dangerous path as he accompanies Charver and his father Rohann and his men on an expedition to find the fabled ancient lost city of Sar’Xanthia.

Meanwhile on the Isle of Elmorreth, Delmith an Elmorr’ Antien, questions his role in Prince Aritian’s experiments on humans. This is interesting as the reader now has a different take on the previously enigmatic and even sinister ancient beings. Perhaps they are not all bad after all?

We are introduced to a new character: the grey skinned and white haired young orphan and trained assassin Elith who has been adopted and trained by the Priests of Fatint on the Isle of Komar. Drake has written a strong female character in Elith who at first seems to be a ruthless, cold indoctrinated killer, but who will soon question who she really is and where she fits in the bigger scheme of things.

If the first book in the series ‘Farmers & Mercenaries’ set things up and asked many questions then ‘Mortals & Deities’ sends everyone down an exciting, unpredictable and challenging path. There is much more depth and knowledge revealed in this entry and we also learn more about the significance of the Essence, the Mah’Sukai and the true motives of some of the characters.

Two brothers fighting on opposing sides is a familiar tale, but it is dealt with skilfully and poignantly here. I do not want to ruin any plot details but needless to say Drake will have you guessing and double guessing throughout. Everyone is set on a collision course and the outcome is uncertain.

We are taken further afield (this time) away from the sprawling city of Mocley, the fields of the farm steads and the picturesque islands. Our main characters find themselves on a treacherous and perilous journey over plains, mountains and into a jungle where exotic and dangerous creatures and a big secret lie in wait.

There are plenty of jaw dropping moments. Once again I found myself racing to the dramatic conclusion wanting more.

I enjoyed Drake’s almost ‘Rashomon’ like shifts in character perspective where the same events are seen from different eyes. Everyone is taken out of their comfort zone and everything they think they know gets challenged. ‘Mortals & Deities’ is mysterious, atmospheric and foreboding and will have readers on the edge of their seats!

Published 2010 by Imagined Interprises Incorporated
ISBN: 978-1-936525-02-7

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