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Let me just state that while Jurassic Park is a science fiction novel, it has elements that could be considered urban fantasy. Now, I have to say that this review will be super biased because this is the book that started my love of science fiction and intensified my love of fantasy.

Dr. Alan Grant and grad student Ellie Sattler are paleontologists at the forefront of their field. John Hammond, an eccentric millionaire, has funded their digs, for unknown reasons. Grant and Sattler are on the verge of discovering a complete juvenile Velociraptor skeleton—the first of its kind— when Hammond calls and essentially demands they come visit Isla Nublar where he has built a nature preserve. The two reluctantly agree, and fly out to the island with Dennis Nedry, a computer technician, and Ian Malcolm, a chaos mathematician.

Malcolm insists—even without knowing what is housed on the nature preserve—that due to chaos theory, the nature preserve will fail. Upon landing and seeing the results of InGen's bioengineering, Malcolm's predictions turn dire. Hammond has also invited his grandchildren, Tim and Lex, to come visit the preserve as well. The group begins to tour the facilities, and that is where the complications begin to arise.

No matter how many times I read this book, Crichton's writing manages to still give me a feeling of dread and keep me on the edge of my seat. The use of his medical knowledge combined with the fantastical element of dinosaurs as the villains really makes it come alive. In fact, until last summer, I had refused to watch the movies because I felt that there was absolutely no way for the movie to even come close to portraying the story.

This is definitely a modern classic. This is the book that I recommend to anyone that asks me for a book to read. There are very few books that I can actively read over and over again and still find them as amazing as I did the first time I read them, and this is definitely one of those books.

10/10 Definitely a modern classic.

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from Hungary

I've read this book first when I was a kid, and I loved it. While the novel was more interesting, I prefer the structure of the film, for me, it was more enjoyable. I've recently read Jurassic Park again, and I still like it, but I can see some problems with it. For my more complete review: https://alkony.enerla.net/english/the-nexus/sf-f-nexus/michael-crichton-jurassic-park-1990-novel-review-from-kadmon I also added this review in the resources section of the article.
7/10 ()

from India

Michael Chricton within himself is a great artist.the way he presented the storyline is marvelous. the vocab used in his writtings kinda on a very different level. the characters too r so very well written .this book gifts u the feeling of adventure.one of the best book I have read.#mcrocks
10/10 ()

from Greece

I can't still understand how (at the age of 15) this book made me concentrate on the story so deeply. I think it's one of the top 3 books i've read, MC is writing in a very captivating way in this one, His descriptions of characters, environment, dinos and their surroundings are very detailed. The story in itself, being the first of the trilogy, is great. And yes, the movies doesn't captivate the thrilling sensation of the book.
10/10 ()

from USA

Jurassic Park novel by Michael Chricton was the best book and I I knew as I read it it will become my favorite for me. Reading it helped visualize a world where you can be surrounded in greatness and be like man with nature and helps give you a sense of adventure and that why I recommend this book because it inspires to live life as fully possible.
10/10 ()

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