The Search for Kryptonite by Michael Green

Batman and Superman team up again after the man of steel has been attacked by a super villain using kryptonite to try and kill him - and it's not right, not when he's on the set of a new movie.

Superman is concerned by the fact kryptonite has been located all over the world and is terrified that other villains may use it to take him down. He asks a favour of Batman to help him track it all down.

During their search, they come across villains and heroes in space, and underwater. There search takes them far and wide, and both thinks it should be easy enough to retrieve the shards of kryptonite, and destroy them but when the US government is involved they realize it's not going to be as easy as they thought.

It is unusual to find Superman feeling so vulnerable in a graphic novel, but there he is, at the mercy of all known villains who want to see him dead. Batman and Superman are two very different super heroes; Batman thrives in darkness and uses his special skills and inner hurt to fight crime in the city while Superman is an alien from Krypton who grew up in different circumstances - he thrives on light, as an opposite, but can feel his inner darkness from time to time.

There have been many graphic novels brought out with both super heroes in them but leading separate lives - this one offers them the opportunity readers were looking for as they team up and show off their unique abilities.

Batman has always thought he had to be on his own if he is to solve a case, but with Superman along, he knows it won’t be boring– not at all.

Impressive illustrations really add to the atmosphere of this graphic novel.

8/10 Impressive illustrations really add to the atmosphere of this graphic novel.

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