Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Book 1)

10/10 A welcome breath of fresh air.

Wolf Brother is the first book of six and begins The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver.

Torak is now alone and scared. His father is dead, slain by a demon in the form of a great bear. Torak must keep going; his only friend is another orphan, a small wolf cub. Evil stalks the forest and Torak must face a foe that stalks him silently and cannot be shaken.

Wolf Brother is an excellent book, highly researched and showing admirable attention to detail. The short, sharp chapters and wonderful world development creates a page-turner that can be finished without the reader even noticing they were getting near the end.

Wolf Brother has also brought a welcome breath of fresh air to the realm of children’s fantasy. JK Rowling’s successful Harry Potter series had resulted in a flood of teenage angst and magic type books that did not live up to the quality of Rowling’s inventions.

This a predominantly a young adults book, Torak is twelve and I was say that this is probably the optimum age to read it. Due to its subject matter, a young boy becoming orphaned and having to fend for himself in the wild, the tale is gritty and realistic and holds no punches when showing the harshness of the lives that was endured by Torak and the clans.

The wound in his arm burned, and with each breath his bruised ribs ached savagely, but he didn't dare stop.
The forest was full of eyes.
Birch trees whispered of his passing.
He begged them not to tell the bear...”

From: Wolf Brother - By: Michelle Paver

You can find that when judging the overall quality of a book there are two things that can be useful as a guide. Is the book re-readable with almost the same enjoyment and if it is part of a series, does it leave the reader wanting to learn more? The answer to both these questions is a definite yes.

The story is a rich tale full strong with the themes of survival, magic and folklore. Michelle Paver manages to install the same dreams in the reader’s head that she once had herself – the dream to run with wolves in a prehistoric forest.

Wolf Brother is a book for all ages; parents will enjoy reading this to their children almost as much as the children themselves enjoy hearing it. It is action packed, very fast moving and an instant connection is made with the reader. You are fully behind Torak from day one and the beautiful illustrations by Geoff Taylor combine to create the perfect package.

If there was one thing that made the book stand out from the rest it was the way in which Wolf Brother is not just told from the perspective of Torak, we also see the tale through the eyes of the wolf cub. This is a simple idea that is executed beautifully.

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Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series

Wolf Brother

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Book 1

Spirit Walker

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Soul Eater

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Wolf Brother reader reviews

from UK

I loved this book! It made a lot more sense when I read the other 5 and i have too say it's my favourite book i like something that is a challenge too read and it's right up my aly! I really don't enjoy books like diary of a wimpy kid , there too easy for me and i find the story of them too simple and i still don't understand 1 star reviews because wasn't up there aly i would have given it less then 10 stars but 1 isn't very generous.

from England

Quite a good book with lots off twists and turns along with the endless imaganations and wonders in a parallel universe set around the stone age era but it is slightly rushed at the end and the author could of put a bit more effort into it rather than squeezing the chapters up and could of been a bit longer but a still good book. Also the intro needs more explanations and a build up rather than swooping to the main point. Would recommend 10 year olds for this book.

from England

This book is amazing once you pick it up you can't put it down, this book is an action and adventure story so if you like that kind of book then this is a book for you. At school we are reading it and I think most people love it.

from England

This book is amazing once you pick it up you can't put it down, this book is an action and adventure story so if you like that kind of book then this is a book for you. At school we are reading it and I think most people love it.

from England

I love wolf brother!!! Best book ever!!!

from UK

This was a great book I was reading it as a school project for ancient darkness and I chose the this book because I was great the review I wrote for my class my teacher was impressed I am rating this book 10 out of 10 because I loved it and enjoyed.

from UK

Wolf Brother is the best book ever.

from UK

Wolf Best friend relationship Outstanding Read Loving Opening Ferocious

from Scotland

I think that this book is awesome and who ever says that they do not like doesn’t have a soul sadly and yes this is especially to Carmen who says that it is “rubbish. i hate it. dont read it .” Okayyyyyyyyy

from DUBAI


from UK


from Michigan, US


from England

I read this book when I first started secondary school at age 11, hoping to find another series that would love up to my Harry Potter expectations. I read the whole series and thoroughly enjoyed all the books! I'm now rereading the series, at age 17, and it's even better than I remember, thank you Michelle Paver!

Little bit annoying with the 1 star reviews with no reasonable explanation.... Anyway, the actual plot of the story is fairly generic - boy goes through a challenging journey to save the world from some terrible evil. Although the "overall plot" of the story may seem cliche to some, the story was engaging and kept me reading. Some plot details seemed a little to "quick". *spolier alert* The main character had to find 3 "parts of Nanuak" in order to seek the World Spirit's help. When I first came to understand this, I assumed this would be a fairly long series, where Torak would have to overcome huge challenges to attain each piece of Nanuak. But to my dismay, each piece was found rather rapidly - in a lake, a cave, and a random section of snow. The last piece was the most disappointing - Torak stumbled upon it randomly. Lastly, as I already said, some parts are cliched - like the first scene of the book. The father is dying, but puts on a brave face as he tells his son to leave and save himself. This is practically a trope in literature and movies, so the story set off to an unoriginal beginning. Luckily the story came together and turned out to be a good read. Certainly a great book for young readers, with several plot points that separate it from the generic action/journey story. But if you're looking for a truly unique story that sets it apart from anything you've But I still liked it :).

from Britain

Its so amazing, I never thought I'd like a fantasy book. The way Wolf Brother builds up suspense and wonder is AMAZING. Michelle Paver's description is so beautiful it makes you think twice. The imagination and thought put into this book is unbelievable. Wolf Brother is a gripping tale which takes your breath away. It's the kind of book that you dream of reading but never find. I'm just blown away! Wolf Brother makes you want to read on until the end and even when you reach the end you just want to read the next book in the series. I rate Wolf Brother an absolute well deserved TEN!

from UK

Best novel ever B)

from From

There's only one problem with this book: It ends.

from England

This is the best book I have ever read! I am 10 years old and it does not bore me a bit, because I have read many many books before and only the best books interest me like Hugo Cabret, so I would definitely recommend this book as it is absolutely brilliant!!!

from US

I totally llllllloooooovvvvveee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from England

Gripping tale about a boy and his canine companion! This is what got me hooked into fantasy.

from England

A very nice story for teens. Beautifully told story about a boy and his tailed friend.

from New Zealand

I don't think that it is the best book in the world but it was pretty good. Telling parts of the story from Wolf's eyes added that extra bit of depth that some books are missing, making it a bit better that most books I have read. I can understand all of you people who hate it and all of you who love it because I found it a little bit draggy and a bit boring but some parts I found were actually quite good. I was rather surprised as I didn't expect it to be very good. I don't entirely understand why some of you loathe it but if you think so....

from The Netherlands

Amazing series. The author did a high amount of research and traveled a lot before writing the books and I think that's what makes them stand out; it's almost as if it's actually told by someone from the Stone Age.

from UK

It was good (I'm a kid) =)

from Hertfordshire

This book is very informative and includes alot of detail, personally I love this book but found thge second one a BORE but you have to read it to find out. I can see why alot of people don't like this book and they should be able to write what they think about the book on this page. Some people don't really get when I was reading the bad reviews was that they all seemed to sound like they thought every book they picked up would be great... WRONG this book is the most strange book I have ever read and I love it!!!!!!!!!

from Berwick

Amazing book hooked in since the first day. Worth a read.

from Woods

It was good!

from UK

I have just read this book at school and it was amazing. I enjoyed every last bit of it so I don't know what people are moaning about because I am 11 and absoloutly love it and plus if you haven't got anything nice to say then don't keep moaning about it!

from British Columbia

This is amazing. I read it over two times and -- it just gets better! I just love the ideas she has in mind, and the way she describes everything!

from USA

It is a good book.

from Monmouth

I love the book and now I am reading Outcast, which is so far one of my favourites next to Spirit Walker. I am planning on finishing the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness and I am 14 years old. i am hoping Michelle Paver writes another series similar but not the same.

from England, Sheffield

The book is good for people who like adventure stories. I am 7 years old and I like it.

I love the books, they rock. Any one who thinks other wise is crazy! I wish I could rate more than 10!

from Hong Kong-San Francisco Flight!

The best book I ever read. I got it 5 hours ago, and I love Michelle Paver's writing style and research. It may not be the best for children around 9-ish, but if you're older than 10 you'll love this. A great read. We had to read it in school, by the way.

from Newastle

The best book I've ever read! Woooooo!

from Kentucky

I read Wolf brother in 1 day and Spirit Walker in Two these book just get your attention and there is no going back! but who wants to go back?!?!

from Somewhere

We have to read it at school and it is amazing. What's all the hating about??? xx

from Poland

It is a good book. Age range 13+! Extremely good. I read it at aged 11. MAKE SURE YOU READ IT.

from London


from UK

I read this book in school and I loved it so much that I got the series for xmas! I have to write an essay about it now, and I'm even more wanting a movie of it :) Recommed it :D

from UK

Its an amazing book you must read it!

from Herefordshire

I have read these books over and over again and I still don't have the slightest thing bad to say about these wonders of books. Those people who rated these books badly just try reading them again, they appeal to all ages and people who are interested in hunting, adventure and wolves you must read it! I have actually been to the UK wolf Conservation Trust, where I got to see and even be licked by the wolves which gave Michelle Paver her amazing inspiration.

from New York

I think that this book and the series are the best things I have ever read and I would recommend this book to everyone in the world!

from Holland, MI

This is an awesome book. I mean, I don't read a lot of books because there's not a lot of them I like) but this is my all time favourite!

from Northamptonshire

I think this book is very original and creative. I liked Paver's style and writing techniques. Definitely one you should read!

from England

Okay, I actually love these books. They're amazingly written in a style that is intelligent, dramatic yet not cheesy, and so real I felt like I was on the journey along with Torak. I absoluetly love it. *screams with amazement*

from Indiana

What is the theme of this book?

from Florida

I am liking this book. I'm doing it for a school project and I have 7 more chapters to go and am really enjoying it.

from Barking

I really loved it and it touched my heart. I wish there were more of them but the collection is over. I love Michelle Paver and she signed my Wolf Brother book and stamped a paw print!

from Victoria

I have read the whole series and I loved it !!!!! Best ever!! I was sad at the end not caus of how it ends or anything but just the fact that there was no more to read!! I'd recommend this book to everyone!!!!!!!

from Davis

Amazing book! It was so exciting! I couldn't stop reading.

from Wyoming

Great book... I can really relate to it, like bring out in the forest and hunting... I'm not really a big reader but this is one of my only favourites.... I have finished the series! It's the only one I have completed!

Great and exciting.

from South Wales

Best of the series!! I LOVE IT!!!

I read Wolf Brother when I was younger because I was fascinated with ancient times and wolves. I'm now 17 and re-reading the series! I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure, animals and ancient civilisations (: Honestly, has been the best book I've read in a while.

from Oxford

It was the best book series I have ever read.

I love this book, it's amazing and you can really come alive with the charecters, my personal favorites are Renn and Wolf...

from Indy


from UK

This book is sweet I absolutely LOVE this book I just hated it when it was time to go to sleep because I had to put it down. One day I read nearly three quarters of it in about four hours and I didn't stop once. I'm not sure but I'm trying to find out but I really hope there is going to be a movie

from California

Wolf Brother is amazing!! I'm on Soul Eater at the moment... They are great books! I hope she makes more!

This book is amazing I read it when I was eleen and now I'm reading it again and its still amazing!! I hope some person sees sense and makes this into a film. it would be absolutely brilliant!!

from Chestnut Grove

I love this book! I'm hooked on the whole fantastic series of them!!!!!!

from London

I loved this book because of the research and knowledge that has gone into it. The way that you discover how they lived, the culture, the survival, the beliefs is amazing. You really feel like you've lived in the world and understand the way of the forest like Torak does; the way you can track animals and make anything, find anything, and live a perfect forest survival life.

from California, USA

The best book, in fact one of the best out of all of the five I've so far read, second only to Oathbreaker. I can't wait till the sixth comes out, and I've heard that the movie sticks to the storyline, which very few do, so I'm going to watch it AS SOON as it comes out!!!!!!!! You can read these over and over without getting tired of them and you're always asking, "What next"? It keeps you on the edge at all times. If I could rate it more than ten I would. I can't say how awesome this series is.

from Turkey

I loved it, if you are reading this, I strongly recommend it!!!

from Italy

I really loved it, it is probably the best book ever!

from York

I love this book. I'm now on page 96 and I can't wait to read Spirit Walker!

from York

This is the best book ever! I couldn't put this book down! I can't wait for the film!

from USA

So far I'm on page 56 and it is OK. I'm not saying it's bad or anything but I'll just have to wait till the end. If you are an adventure kind of person then you should get it. But if you aren't then don't bother.

from York

This is my favourite book with all the spiritual twists and turns. You must read it. It's also given me lots of ideas for my new series of books about Torak's adventures in Wonderland.

from York

This book was great spiritual encouragement for my own book, Torak's adventures!

from York

Wolf Brother is a must read. It's like your eyes are chained to the book. I don't mean you're forced to read it, I mean you really can't stop, it's so brilliant!!!!

from Ohio

The only book Ive ever been able to read and really enjoy.

from York

This book has lots of spiritual twists and turns and i recomend it to any one over the age of 10 =)

from Liverpool

This may be classed as young adult fantasy but this book appeals to all ages on a number of levels. Paver doesn't shy away from darker ideas, yet keeps it light enough to be entertaining - and the relationship between Torak and Wolf is one of the most beautiful you'll ever read. All based on thorough research and first-hand experience from the author itself, this is a refreshingly different take on traditional children's fantasty. I'd give it 11 stars if I could! :)

from York

This book was really fantastic! It was the best book I had read in ages. This website made me want to read it!! The bast part was when Torak (the main character) got to the mountain, I felt soooo happy for him yay!! xx :)

from New York

I loved this book, it was the best I've ever read. I hope all the rest of the books are like this. I can't wait to see the film!!!!!! Buy it now!!!

from York

This book is full of suprises and loads of amazing adventures! I really recommend it to anybody aged around 10-15 years. BUY IT NOW!

from England,London

This book is the best. I read Wolf Brother and next I'm going to read Spirit Walker.

from barrow-in-furness

My review of Wolf Brother, so far is that it is FAB! I love it even though I'm only on chapter 7... Torak is the best character because he is active and although he is only 12 years old (12 summers old) he is very thoughtful. Torak can communicate with wolves even if its only in yips and yowl because he is a part of the wolf clan. I would recommend this book out for all ages over 7. I rate this book 10 / 10 and if I could, even more. I am not the sort of person who can stick and read a book (especially one of a chronicle) but this one is different than the rest and is more exciting!!! It has got questions amongst the text in which you would like to find out and read all of the Wolf Brother collections. This is a fab book you will ALL LOVE IT VERY VERY MUCH!!! :) Reviewed by Chloe Nicole McKenna, 10, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

from US

This has to be my personal favorite book of all time! I remember sneaking a book-light into my room late at night because I couln't wait to read more until the next morning. It really sucks you into the forest itself. You don't just feel like you're there with Torak while all this is happening, you are. I also love the execution of the magic and folk-lore. It is so believable that while you're reading you just accept it as the indesputable natural order of things just like Torak does. This book made me want to read more and more so that the year-long waits from one book in the series to the next was almost unbearable, I will be very, very, sad when my first reading of the sixth one ends. I have read this book at least six times and it hasn't lost anything for me 10/10 stars it deserves that. (more if it were possible)

from Powell

I absolutely love this book. It is great for every age. Recommended for everyone!

from unknown

This book I would recommend to anyone!It was the most amazing book ever!

from 40 Osterly Ave

Unbelievable, I couldn't put the book down. It was truly the best book I have ever read!

from Florida

It is a really good book! I loved it a lot!

from Houma, Louisiana

I never liked reading before I got this book. I had never even known it existed until my Mom bought it for me. I read all the time now and love wolves thanks to this book. I'm excited about the movie.

from South Lake Tahoe

Wow! Once I started Wolf Brother I finished it in 3 days. I couldn't put it down! It is an incredible adventure and I wish I could go back in time to read it again.

from Kentucky

The book "Wolf Brother" is one amazing book and is very detailed. When I opened the book to the first page and started to read I couldn't take my eyes out of the book. So the series should keep getting more books in it. I can't wait to read "Spirit Walker."

Seriously, if you like fantasy, the forest and animals you will fall in love with this book. You can't stop from the moment you start reading it. At the end of every chapter, I mean EVERY chapter you HAVE to read on. I truly hope they make this book a movie.

Wonderfully amazing...

9.7/10 from 91 reviews

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