The Walkers of Legend by Miles Allen

9/10 This new author has amazing storytelling skills.

I received an email recently from a reader that had been so impressed with a book that he just wanted to share his experience with others.

The email was from Tim Lucas and the book itself was The Walkers of Legend by Miles Allen.

Here is the book's synopsis:

Two young men are thrown to opposite sides of a war where both will fight to prevent their homeland, the world’s last pocket of free people, from being consumed by a formidable Empire. If they fail, mankind is destined to an existence of slavery and habitual torture. Naïve and inexperienced they must learn fast as they begin their rite of passage, one as a warrior and the other as a Magii, to first survive and then manipulate those around them to save their people.

The Walkers of Legend launches into an epic action fantasy series that will begin to unravel a fearsome and deeply endangered world, and one that holds a staggering ten-thousand year-old secret.

And here is what Tim had to say:

"I recently purchased a copy of miles Allen's debut novel 'The Walkers of Legend' as the cover looked interesting, even if I hadn't heard of him. The book caught me my surprise and was close to blowing me away and appears to be the first in a series from this total unknown. I can't recommend it enough. This new author has amazing storytelling skills and has produced an epic and pacey first book to be proud of. For anyone wanting great characterisation and detailing set on an epic scale, with a pace that drags you kicking and screaming to the very end, I highly recommend it and hope you get chance to review it. It's been a long time since I couldn't put a book down and just wanted to share my experience with others."


Emails of this type are rare so I thought I would publish it on the site - it sounds like a book that is worth checking out.

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