Deceived by Paul S Kemp (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

Like the trailers to the forthcoming game these novels seem to be being released in reverse chronological order. Whilst the previous novel Fatal Alliance is set roughly about the time the game is set to start (and was written to give a flavour of the different types of character classes and quests whilst also being a great adventure in its own right), this novel is set ten years before that and aims to show us a little more back story. (Revan, the next in the series, is set to bridge the gap between KOTOR games and The Old Republic). Oh, and if you're wondering the trailers should be viewed in this order "Return", "Hope", "Deceived" and they're - although not representative of game play - awesome.

Deceived is set at the same time as the game trailer of the same name and the first two chapters cover the events we've already seen. (We've also seen some of these events play out in TOR: Threat of Peace by Dark Horse Comics which occurs concurrently).

The novel is surprisingly short. A good 30 pages are actually preview material for another Star Wars series. While I expected the novel to deal with the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant and the political ramifications thereof, the narrative is actually quite slight. It's a straightforward adventure yarn, competently told. Whilst I would have liked to learn more about the socio-political situation, I enjoyed what I got instead.

Kemp has some nice ideas. The idea of a Jedi being guided by hatred and a Sith by love is an interesting juxtaposition and interplay between characters is well written. Descriptions of fights are clear and precise and the action is plentiful. There are a couple of really impressive action sequences and daring stunts that may or may not test your sense of credibility – even for Star Wars - but they're certainly impressive to read.

The characters are perhaps simplistic in their motivations; to destroy, to avenge, to protect their child, but there are some surprises and twists. Darth Malgus is an interesting villain and I’m sure we’ll see more of him in the game. He’s certainly at an interesting place at the conclusion of the book.

All that contextualising I did at the top of this review came off the back of research this book inspired me to do and in the process I learnt a bit more about the game and got excited all over again. Ultimately that is the purpose of this book. It's an advert and in that purpose the books succeeds.

I enjoyed reading the book, it was fast, fun, and had some interesting ideas.

This is a well written and entertaining slice of action, whilst not the essential prequel to the game I'd expected it'll keep you entertained.

7/10 Fast, fun, and with some interesting ideas.

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