The Immortals by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell (The Edge Chronicles: Book 10)

Five hundred years into the third age of flight and mighty phraxships steam across the immensity of the Deepwoods, plying their lucrative trade between the three great cities. Nate Quarter, a young Lamplighter from the mines of the eastern woods is propelled on an epic journey of self-discovery that encompasses tournaments, battles, revolutions and a final encounter with the Immortals themselves.

The Immortals is the concluding chapter in the captivating and futuristic series The Edge Chronicles, written by Paul Stewart and illustrated by Chris Riddell.
The Edge Chronicles began, in 2004, with the publication of Beyond the Deepwoods; 2007 saw the release of the series’ ninth book, Clash of the Sky Galleons. The Immortals is the tenth and final book in this entertaining sequence of novels and will provide information that will hold relevance to events that occurred within the three prior trilogies. The Immortals will make all fantasy lovers eager to read, if they have not already done so, the preceding nine books.

Readers who are new to the series may take a while to become fully immersed in the story; there are many names and locations to become familiar with. However, in short order, the sparkling narrative and beautiful illustrations charm and beguile the reader. This is not your usual fantasy fare, this book comes at the genre from a refreshing new angle; trolls, hobgoblins and cloddertrogs are the order of the day; no humans, elves or dwarves are to be found anywhere! The creatures that normally get a bad press in fantasy books (bestial, unintelligent and often loathsome villains) become characters of great virtue and substance; cultured, highly intelligent and moralistic with a keen sense of goodness and community.

Characterisation is the one of this book’s many strengths as Nate Quarter meets and befriends the most weird and wonderful bunch of friends imaginable. The Professor is, like Nate, a fourthling and despite his career as an itinerant skytavern gambler, honourable. Weelum is a steadfast and loyal banderbear, Squall Razertooth an old sky pirate while Slip, who becomes Nate’s best friend, is a grey goblin. Finally, there is Eudoxia Prade, the mine owner’s daughter who could outride, outshoot, and outthink any one of them.

“Nate smiled and placed the crystals next to the ‘Professor of Light’ splinter from the skytavern and Eudoxia’s false moustache. He closed the chest and placed it next to the lightbox in his knapsack. He was lucky to have friends like these, he thought as the gentle sway of the tower rocked the cabin from side to side.”
The Immortals: Chapter Forty-Four

When reading The Lord of the Rings, illustrated by John Howe, you have an author and illustrator working in perfect harmony. This is once again the case here, you look forward to turning the pages, not only because of the excellent story but because there may be another gorgeous illustration decorating the page.

This is an innovative and vibrant book featuring an astonishing imagination and outstanding illustrations. This is one of the most original fantasy series available today. So don your crushed funnel hat, comb your neck beard, lick your eyes and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime.

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‘So exceptional . . .I’d bet goodmoney on it still being in print a century from now’ Interzone

‘Stunningly original’ Guardian

‘Fabulously illustrated’ Sunday Times

10/10 Astonishing imagination and outstanding illustrations.

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This book is the best book ever!!!!!!! I love it so much that I've read it like 50 times!
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